About the Project

The Core Math Partnership deepens teachers’ mathematical knowledge for teaching through study of mathematics learning progressions and high-leverage instructional practices in order to further student achievement and success in mathematics.

Lead partners include the School District of Cudahy, the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research (CMSER) and the Departments of Mathematical Sciences and Teaching & Learning.

Goal 1

Deepen mathematical knowledge and understanding of content progressions aligned to the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Goal 2

Strengthen instruction through the implementation of high-leverage teaching practices for mathematics.

Goal 3

Increase collaboration among teachers within and across schools in moving to common practice with the Common Core.

2016 Summer Institute: Geometry and Measurement

General Documents

Syllabus (PDF)

Slides & Handouts

Session 1: July 18, 2016Session 2: July 19, 2016
Welcome and Introduction to Geometry (PPT)Linear Measurement (PPT)
Foundations of Measurement (PPT)5Practices – Pt. 1 (PPT)
Core Math Summer Project Description (DOC)Overview – Geometry and Spatial Thinking (PPT)
Overview – Number Talk Project (PPT)
Session 3: July 20, 2016Session 4: July 21, 2016
Van Hiele Levels (PPT)Area Measurement (PPT)
5Practices – Pt. 2 (PPT)Angle Concept and Measurement (PPT)
Overview – Student Work Project (PPT)Polygons and Polygon Capture (PPT)
Geometry Student Work Analysis Sheet (PDF)Frayer Model – Polygons (DOC)
Decomposing Shapes and Area Measurement (PPT)MP Standards (PPT)
Session 5: July 22, 2016Session 6: July 25, 2016
Angle Applications (PPT)Area and Nets (PPT)
Ko-Kou and Pythagoras (PPT)5Practices - Pt. 3 (PPT)
Volume Measurement (PPT)
Session 7: July 26, 2016Session 8: July 27, 2016
Volume of Prisms and Pyramids (PPT)Perimeter and Surface Area (PPT)
5Practices - Pt. 4 (PPT)Measuring Circles (PPT)
Quadrilaterals (PPT)Deliberate Practice (PPT)
Ant Picnic - Pizza Images (DOC)
Ant Picnic - Recording Sheet (PDF)
Session 9: July 28, 2016Session 10: July 29, 2016
Transformations (PPT)Language-Rich Math Class (PPT)
Access and Equity (PPT)Year 3 Wrap-Up and Closing (PPT)
Symmetry (PPT)

2015-16 Sessions: High-Leverage Teaching Practices – Part 2

General Documents

Syllabus (PDF)

Number Talks Log (Doc)

School Year 2015-16 Calendar (PDF)

Slides & Handouts

Session 1: September 10, 2015Session 2: September 24, 2015
Absolute to Relative Thinking (PPT)Number Talks (PPT)
Number Talks (PPT)Multiplicative Thinking (PPT)
CCSSM Standards Worksheet (PDF)Homework (PDF)
Year 2 Student Work Tasks (PDF)
Homework (PDF)
Session 3: October 22, 2015Session 4: November 12, 2015
Number Strings (PPT)OGAP (PPT)
Multiplicative Comparison (PPT)Number Strings 2 (PPT)
Multiplicative Sort Cards (DOC)Homework (PDF)
Homework (PDF)
Session 5: December 3, 2015Session 6: January 7, 2016
Focus On Student Thinking (PPT)Conceptual Understanding and RP (PPT)
Ratio Reasoning - 6th Grade (PPT)Student Thinking - Part 2 (PPT)
Homework (DOC)Project Outline (DOC)
Session 7: January 28, 2016Session 8: February 25, 2016
Number Talks - Building Fluency with Division (PPT)Using Representations to Make Sense of Ratios (PPT)
Unit Rates (PPT)Number Talks - Subtraction (PPT)
Homework (PDF)Homework (PDF)
Session 9: March 17, 2016
Ratios and Percents (PPT)
Number Talks - Reflection (PPT)
Homework (PDF)

Session Archives

2015 Summer Institute: Fractions

Document Archive (PDF)

2014-15 Sessions: High-Leverage Teaching Practices – Part 1

Document Archive (PDF)

2014 Summer Institute: Algebraic Reasoning

Document Archive (PDF)


Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Mathematics and Science Partnership Program, ESEA Title II, Part B, U.S. Department of Education

Contact Information

Dr. DeAnn Huinker
Project Director
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Kevin McLeod
Project Director
Department of Mathematical Sciences

Ms. Melissa Mohan
Project Coordinator
Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research