About the Project

The Common Core High School Mathematics Leadership: Transforming Teachers’ Content Knowledge and Leadership Skills for a New Era (CCHSML) is a collaborative effort of the UWM Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Teaching and Learning, and the Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research in supporting various school districts in southeastern Wisconsin.

This two-year professional development project will engage school-based teams of teachers in an intense study of the Wisconsin Common Core Standards for Mathematics with three foci: deepening content knowledge, enhancing instructional practice, and developing leadership and mentoring practices.

Dr. Michael Steele
Project Director
Department of Curriculum and Instruction
(414) 229-6871, Telephone
(414) 229-4855, Fax

Dr. Kevin McLeod
Project Director
Department of Mathematical Sciences
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Goal 1

Deepen teachers’ content knowledge related to the high school Statistics and Probability, Geometry, and Modeling conceptual categories in the CCSSM.

Goal 2

Transform the ways in which teachers plan for, enact, and analyze instruction through the Standards for Mathematical Practice.

Goal 3

Build teachers’ coaching, mentoring and leadership skills. The long-term outcome of this project will be high-level, CCSSM-aligned instruction in the targeted conceptual categories, sustained through teacher’s coaching, mentoring, and advocacy abilities.

2015 Summer Sessions

General Documents

Syllabus (PDF)

Henry’s Lesson Plan Template Word (DOC)

Journal Rubric (PDF)

Lesson Presentation Rubric (PDF)

Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSSM)

Common Core Initiative Home Page

Mathematics Standards Home Page

Standards for Mathematical Practice

Grade 8 Geometry Standards

High School Geometry Standards

EngageNY/Common Core Materials

EngageNY home page

EngageNY mathematics and ELA curricula

Grade 8 Module 2 (The Concept of Congruence)

Grade 8 Module 3 (Similarity)

High School Geometry Module 1 (Congruence, Proof and Constructions)

High School Geometry Module 2 (Similarity, Proof, and Trigonometry)

Slides & Handouts

Session 1: June 15, 2015Session 2: June 16, 2015
Session 1 Slides (PPT)Session 2 Slides (PPT)
Geogebra Files
Lesson 13, Exercises 1-3 (GGB)
Lesson 14, Exploratory Challenge (GGB)
Lesson 14, Examples 2 and 3 (GGB)
Lesson 14, Example 4 (GGB)
Session 3: June 17, 2015Session 4: June 18, 2015
Session 3 Slides (PPT)Session 4 Slides (PPT)
Teacher Discourse Moves (DOC)
Session 5: June 19, 2015Session 6: June 29, 2015
Session 5 Slides (PPT)Session 6 Slides (PPT)
Session 7: June 30, 2015Session 8: July 1, 2015
Session 7 Slides (PPT)Session 8 Slides (PPT)
Session 9: July 2, 2015
Session 9 Slides (PPT)

2014-15 School Year Sessions

Document Archive (PDF)

2014 Summer Sessions: Statistics & Probability

Document Archive (PDF)

School Districts

Kenosha Unified School District

Messmer Catholic Schools

Mequon-Thiensville School District

Milwaukee Public Schools

Oak Creek Franklin Joint School District

School District of Brown Deer

School District of Greenfield

School District of South Milwaukee

St. Francis School District


This project is funded by the Wisconsin Improving Teacher Quality (WITQ) Program which is administered by the University of Wisconsin System with funds from the U.S. Department of Education, Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) Title II, Part A.

Contact Information

Dr. Michael Steele
Project Director
(414) 229-6871, Telephone
(414) 229-4855, Fax

Dr. Kevin McLeod
Project Director
(414) 229-5629, Telephone
(414) 229-4855, Fax