ACCESS is a project made possible through a Department of Education Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) Grant. The project includes three distinct but interconnected efforts that promote a highly effective diverse teaching staff able to implement culturally responsive practices (CRP).

1. Partnership with Milwaukee Public Schools to Support Culturally Responsive Practices

The first effort works with twelve Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) as they become models of CRP. As models of practice, these sites will demonstrate effective CRP instruction in each classroom and a school culture that supports and drives effective CRP. These sites will serve as host sites for UWM student teachers providing an immersive high quality clinical experience in CRP.

2. Alignment of Culturally Responsive Teaching in UWM Teacher Certification Programs

The second effort improves UWM practices through alignment of CRP in all teacher certification programs. While all UWM programs currently include CRP content and skills, the ACCESS grant allows the SOE to align CRP across all programs with depth, scope and sequence.

3. Support of the Professional Licensure with Undergraduate Support (PLUS) Program

The third effort creates a pathway for para professionals to become teachers through the PLUS program. This pathway is a partnership with MPS, MATC and UWM infused with CRP. ACCESS provides tuition, other financial supports and a coordinator to support participants.

Professional Development

See the Graduate School’s Professional Development webpage for upcoming professional development opportunities.


Teaching Culturally Diverse Classrooms

To Build More Diverse Teacher Pool, Milwaukee Programs Tap Teaching Assistants

Collaborative Effort Helps Classroom Paraprofessionals Become Teachers

MPS, UWM, MATC Develop Path for Future Teachers

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Principal Investigators

Donna L. Pasternak, PhD
Professor, English Education
(414) 229-4592

Leanne Mary Evans, PhD
Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Faculty and Staff Associates

Maggie Bartlett, PhD
Associate Professor, Special Education Early Childhood

LaTasha Fields
Culturally Responsive Practices Coordinator, Milwaukee Public Schools

Tania Habeck, PhD
Associate Professor, Reading Education

Shana Lucas
Culturally Responsive Practices Facilitator

Kelly Saunders
Culturally Responsive Practices Facilitator

Mary Stone
Outreach Specialist

Nakeysha Roberts Washington
Culturally Responsive Practices Facilitator

Joelle Worm
Director, ArtsECO

Graduate Assistants

Sarah Harris
CRP Facilitator

Kelly R. Allen
Research Assistant

John Milton Knapp
Research Assistant

Calvin Lewis
CRP Facilitator

Alanna Malloy
Research Assistant

Crystasany Turner
Research Assistant

Molly A. Wolk
CRP Facilitator

Xinzhi Wu
CRP Facilitator