The Center is a site to advance the theories and practices of educational social justice in transforming schools to meet the unique needs of each learner.


To provide professional development opportunities to educators, administrators, and pupil services personnel so they progress along a re-licensing continuum with the expanded intellectual capacity to help learners:

  • Interrogate the world around them.
  • Understand the intricacies of social life.
  • Develop a principled blueprint for citizenship in an equitable and democratic society.


CNPE connects you with local, state, and national resources to support the professional learning and development you need to improve students’ educational experiences. The Center’s mission is founded on the principle that public, private and charter schools are in a position to provide our youngest members of society with educational opportunities that help them.

If you are an Initial Educator, UWM’s Center for New and Professional Educators (CNPE) is here to help you move through the State of Wisconsin licensing system using a Professional Development Plan (PDP). We understand that the political and practical context of preparing educators, administrators, and other school-based personnel has changed significantly over the last decade as the demands for better student outcomes have intensified.

Research on these changes has produced an image of professional learning and development that begins in preparation programs and extends throughout one’s career (Bales & Mueller, 2008; Darling-Hammond, 1997; Floden, 2009; National Research Council, 2010). As such, we are committed to helping you:

  • Bridge the work of your E-Portfolio to the State of Wisconsin re-licensing process.
  • Move successfully through your Induction experiences.
  • Complete your Professional Development Plan (PDP).
  • Access the research and resources needed to make sound data-driven decisions to improve students’ opportunities to learn.
  • Become the type of professional, who uses learning to proactively change schools to better meet student’s needs.

Induction and PDP Support

This video shares an overview about the PDP support provided by the Center.

Registering for CNPE PDP support is an easy 2-step process.

  • Step 1. Tell us who you are by completing the Information Form.
  • Select Step 2A if you need support writing your PDP Goal, having your Goal Approved, and having it Verified. The cost of support for this entire process is $100.00.
  • Select Step 2B if you ONLY want to Verify completion of your PDP.
    The cost of this support is $25.00.

Step 1 – CNPE PDP Support: Tell Us Who You Are by Filling Out the Form Below

Information Form

Step 2A – PDP Goal Approval & Verification

Step 2B – For PDP Verification ONLY

  • Stay connected with UWM’s CNPE and your program-based IHE.
  • Secure PDP Team.
  • Consider UWM graduate courses as part of your PDP.
  • Complete and submit first-year reflection and PDP goals for approval.
  • Implement and document activities, annual review and any revisions to plan.
  • Document completed activities.
  • Compile evidence with narrative.
  • Submit plan for verification.

CNPE Services Continuum

The complete continuum of CNPE’s services for student’s completing education related programs.


Information for Initial Educators

Your Professional Development Plan
Join Angela Colas, a licensed K8 teacher, as she explains the process of moving from Initial Educator to Professional or Master Educator.

Watch Moving from Initial Educator to Professional or Master Educator Video

Resources Highlighted in the Video
Your Team
Educators are required, under PI34, to complete a PDP to renew their license. This requirement created the need for a system to review plans, approve goals, and verify their completion. This mechanism is the Professional Development Plan Review Team.

For initial educators, a team is composed of an Institute of Higher Education (IHE) representative, an administrator who is not a direct supervisor, and a peer. Districts are responsible for supporting initial educators by providing administrators who are trained in the review process.

Your Mentor
School districts employing Initial Educators are expected to provide them with a qualified mentor during this induction period. Each district can decide how this mentoring support is offered. However, it should include an ongoing orientation to the school’s mission and goals and be collaboratively developed and delivered by the school board, administrators, teachers, support staff and parents (PI 34.17(2)(c)).

More information about how your school district can support you is available from DPI and in this District Support Guide (PDF).

Information for Professional Educators

UWM supports Professional Educators who wish to renew their license through the Professional Development Plan (PDP) process.

Currently, educators who were licensed prior to August 2004 can opt to renew their licenses by completing 6 graduate/undergraduate credits every five years.

If you choose to renew your license through the PDP process, you will have the opportunity to combine your course credits with a personalized plan that links your practice to your professional growth. In addition, your license will be effective for 10 years.

For questions regarding license renewal via PDP or credit courses contact:

Barbara Bales


UWM Professional Development Plan Support

Toolkit for Professional Educators (PDF) from the Department of Public Instruction

Teaching Minute Video Collection

Find video clips of teachers applying strategies to positively connect with kids and manage their behavior.

Teaching Minute Website

History of Wisconsin’s PI-34

Watch History of Wisconsin’s PI-34 Video

PDP Training

Currently the Department of Public Instruction has revised PDP training requirements. Please visit the dedicated DPI website for further information.

Send questions concerning the Center for Professional Development to soe-cnpe@uwm.edu