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May 27, 2020

Is Norris Health Center offering TB tests?

Yes, the health center will be offering TB tests this summer by appointment only.  There is no walk-in testing available.  Fees for the test are $15, if you are enrolled in classes this summer, and $25 if you are not.

April 7, 2020

Can I use UWM’s credit/no credit option for grading for eligible courses this spring without impacting the GPA requirements for licensure program admission, content GPA requirements, and licensure endorsement?

Yes. Where the credit/no credit option is available, you can take that option without jeopardizing the GPA requirements. This applies only to Spring 2020 semester.  Please contact your academic advisor with any questions.

I want to apply for Spring 2021 Student Teaching. Since clinics are closed, how should I handle obtaining a TB test result?

While the student teaching application is due April 24, 2020, an actual TB test result is not required at the time of submission. In order to start in the field in the fall, you will need to have one on file. The Office of Clinical Experiences would like to encourage you to obtain a TB test as soon as clinic appointments resume.

In order to be cleared for my field or student teaching experience in the Fall of 2020, I need to obtain a Criminal Background Check and TB test result. How should I handle obtaining a TB test result?

The Office of Clinical Experiences recommends you obtain a TB test as soon as clinic appointments resume. Once clinics have re-opened, the OCE will send you a reminder to tend to your TB test requirement ASAP.

Will I be allowed to finish my student teaching this spring?

You will be allowed to finish student teaching this spring. Your student teaching experience is not what you or your program planned for or expected this spring.  However, your program will offer you a student teaching experience that will meet DPI requirements for certification and prepare you to teach. Please watch for updates from your program with further information. We hope that you will take advantage of this unique experience to learn as much as you can about teaching, learning and education.

How many observations must I have to meet DPI requirements for student teaching?

Each student teacher must complete a minimum of three successful observations.  One of these observations must include a three-way (virtual or phone) conversation among you, your co-op and your supervisor. Your program will provide you the opportunity to meet this requirement. It is your responsibility to make the most of those opportunities to show off your best work as a future professional.