Michael D. Steele

Teaching and Learning

Michael D. Steele is a Professor of Mathematics Education in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He is currently the President of the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. A former middle and high school mathematics and science teacher, Dr. Steele has worked with preservice secondary mathematics teachers, practicing teachers, administrators, and doctoral students across the country. He has published several books and research articles focused on supporting mathematics teachers in enacting research-based effective mathematics teaching practices.

Dr. Steele’s work focuses on supporting secondary math teachers in developing mathematical knowledge for teaching, integrating content and pedagogy, through teacher preparation and professional development. He is the co-author of NCTM’s Taking Action: Implementing Effective Mathematics Teaching Practice in Grades 6-8. He is a co-author of Mathematics Discourse in Secondary Classrooms, a research-based professional development curriculum focused on supporting secondary teachers in developing productive and powerful discourse with their students. He directs the NSF-funded Milwaukee Mathematics Teacher Partnership, an initiative focused on microcredential-based teacher professional development and leadership. His research focuses on teacher learning through case-based professional development, and he has been an investigator on several National Science Foundation-funded projects focused on teacher learning and development. He also studies the influence of curriculum and policy in high school mathematics, with a focus on Algebra I policy and practice, and is the author of A Quiet Revolution: One District’s Story of Radical Curricular Change in Mathematics, a resource focused on reforming high school mathematics teaching and learning.

Dr. Steele was awarded the inaugural Best Reviewer award for Mathematics Teacher Educator, and was author of the 2016 Best Article in Journal of Research in Leadership Education. He is an active member of and regular presenter for the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators. He reviews regularly for major mathematics education and teacher education journals.

Michael D. Steele Curriculum Vitae (PDF)