Amy Gutowski

Clinical Specialist
Institute for Urban Education

Hi, I'm Amy Gutowski. I am a proud graduate of UW-Milwaukee. I taught in the Milwaukee Public Schools for nine years and was a new teacher mentor in the district for one. I am an educator and an activist. Anti-racist/social justice teaching is my passion (along with dancing, thrifting, taking pictures and canoeing). I enjoy writing about education and policy and have had essays published in Rethinking Schools (as well as many letters to the editors of local newspapers and magazines). I am certified to teach K - 8th grade.

My husband and I have a beautiful daughter named Ollie. We love living in Milwaukee and care deeply about our community. I am grateful for the opportunity to be working with student teachers. One of my favorite quotes is by Shunryu Suzuki "In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities, in the expert's mind there are few." There are so many possibilities. I am excited to begin.