Elise Frattura

Administrative Leadership

Elise Frattura is a professor in the Department of Administrative Leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Education since 2001 and co-founder of Integrated Comprehensive Systems for Equity and co-director of the National Leadership for Social Justice Institute and Academy at University of Wisconsin-Madison. From 2005-2013, Dr. Frattura served as an Associate Dean and Department Chairperson in the School of Education.

Dr. Frattura was a K-12 district office administrator for 13 years prior coming to UWM. Frattura currently teaches graduate courses for principals and district office administrators in the areas of Diversity in Elementary and Secondary Education, Advanced Analysis and Design of School Systems, Politics and Educational Organizational Cultures and Nondiscrimination Law. Dr. Frattura researches and has published largely in the area of Integrated Comprehensive Systems™, nondiscrimination law for all learners, and the theoretical underpinnings of educational segregation. Dr. Frattura works extensively with urban, rural, and suburban school districts across the country as well as internationally to assist in the movement from reactionary systems of segregation to proactive systems of support through presentations, evaluations, and consultation.