Thomas Baskin

Associate Professor - Counseling Psychology, School & Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Educational Psychology

Thomas Baskin research interests include how belongingness relates to academic achievement for K-12 students in multi-cultural schools and how angry students can benefit from learning to forgive. In looking at how angry students can benefit from forgiving, Baskin focuses on the impact of forgiveness interventions with urban students. This includes how helping students reduce their anger also helps their mental health profile and their ability to perform academically.

He recently completed an American Psychological Association-certified internship at the Counseling and Student Development Center at Northern Illinois University. Prior to that, he was a psychologist-in-training at the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he earned his Ph.D. in counseling psychology. Thomas received his M.S. in counseling from California State University, Hayward, and his B.S. in economic development and technology from the University of California, Davis.

Current Research/Projects

Baskin's research team consists of both masters and doctoral students. They work in three areas. First, they conduct a Meta-Analysis of Mental Health interventions, and their impact on Academic Achievement. Secondly, they collect data on the psychological foundations of Academic Achievement, and how this relates to students' multi-cultural identity. Thirdly, they work on implementing and studying forgiveness interventions with multi-ethnic urban students.

Thomas Baskin Curriculum Vitae (PDF)