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Corby AndersonUniversity Services Associate IIOffice of Clinical Experiences(414) 229-6033andersoc@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 371
Kelsey AutinAssistant ProfessorEducational Psychology autin@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 791
Andrea AzarianSenior Academic AdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4721azarian@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 209
Razia AzenProfessor; DirectorEducational Psychology; Consulting Office for Research & Evaluation azen@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 771
Tamara BaduraAdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4721tlbadura@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 209
Cheryl BaldwinAssociate ProfessorAdministrative Leadership(414) 251-7620baldwic@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 655
Barbara BalesAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-3002bbales@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 349
Maggie BartlettAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-6914bartletm@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 317
Nicole BeierResearcher – Assessment CoordinatorOffice of Charter Schools(414) 229-7352nmbeier@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 229
Craig BergProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4047caberg@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 281
Kathy BerryStudent Services Program Manager IIIOffice of Student Services(414) 229-2738klb@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 253
Anna BierceOCE Clinical Placement SpecialistOffice of Clinical Experiences(414) 229-7327bierce@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 367
Tyree BoldenAdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4721boldentc@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 209
Diana BordersAssistant Director of Business ServicesOffice of Charter Schools(414) 229-6406dborders@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 227
Jennifer BrownsonLecturerTeaching and Learning jbrowns2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 313
Roberta BrummelsUniversity Services AssociateOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-3397brummels@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 579
Christian CaflischAccountantOffice of the Dean(414) 229-7007cafliscc@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 1033
Nicole ClaasAdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4721nclaas@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 209
Pamela ConineClinical Associate ProfessorTeaching and Learning psue@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 275
Elizabeth CutterLecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646emcutter@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 257
Elizabeth DanielAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646danielem@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 259
Rita DelzerSenior Administrative Program SpecialistOffice of Student Services(414) 229-5766ritafaye@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 219
Candance Doerr-StevensAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4523doerrste@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 353
Dario EliaIS Technical Services SeniorOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning; Office of Student Services ddelia@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 245
Leanne M. EvansAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-7324levans@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 377
Raquel Farmer-HintonAssociate ProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies rfarhin@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 523
Kristin GauraEducational Technology ConsultantOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-4063kdp3@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 561
Joseph GieraAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646jdgiera@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 259
Karla GieseVisiting Assistant ProfessorTeaching and Learning giesek@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 335
Johanna GroeneResearch AssistantInstitute for Urban Education jgroene@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 568
Amy GutowskiClinical SpecialistInstitute for Urban Education alg5@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 365
Christine GwiazdowskiSenior LecturerTeaching and Learning cstarr@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 379
Tania HabeckAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4931mertzman@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 323
Tammy HartmannLecturerTeaching and Learning 
Jeffrey HawkinsAssociate Professor; DirectorTeaching and Learning; Urban Education Doctoral Program(414) 229-5971hawkinj@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 393
Nicole HawkinsAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646hawkin49@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 259
Melissa HedgesLecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646mhedges@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 267
Angel HesselDistinguished LecturerTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4179ahessel@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 315
DeAnn HuinkerProfessor; DirectorTeaching and Learning; Center for Math & Science Education Research(414) 229-6646huinker@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 363
Tatiana JosephAssistant ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-6667josepht@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 357
Sara JozwikAssistant ProfessorTeaching and Learning jozwik@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 319
Maggie KaczmarekAssociate Administrative Program SpecialistOffice of Student Services(414) 229-6675kaczmarm@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 291
Julie KailinAssociate ProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-6623jkailin@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 521
Kerry KorinekSenior Administrative Program SpecialistOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-5253korinek@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 589
Marika Kovacs-HoulihanClinical Associate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 395-8287mkh2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 277
Peggy KuhnzAdministrative Program SpecialistCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research; Office of Student Services(414) 229-6646kuhnzpa@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 265
Kyongboon KwonAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology kwonk@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 721
Susie LambornAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology(414) 251-5122slamborn@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 755
Christopher LawsonAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology(414) 251-5683lawson2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 777
Xu LiAssistant ProfessorEducational Psychology li342@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 789
Lisa LitzseyIUE Program ManagerInstitute for Urban Education(414) 229-2240llitzsey@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 566
Kristine LizeEnglish Education Director; FoRT CoordinatorTeaching & Learning; Office of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-4190kcmarver@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 567
Robert Longwell-GriceSenior AdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-3059robert@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 247
Hope Longwell-GriceAssociate Professor; Associate DeanTeaching and Learning; Office of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-3245hope@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 583
Barbara LuciusAssociate LecturerTeaching and Learning luciusb@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 329
Joel MankowskiLecturerTeaching and Learning mankowj@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 228
Liliana MinaClinical Associate ProfessorAdministrative Leadership(414) 251-5381minal@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 653
Jacqueline NguyenAssociate ProfessorEducational Psychology(414) 251-9394nguyen39@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 795
Sarah OsborneFinancial Specialist IIIOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-3024sosborne@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 517
Anita OsvaticLecturerTeaching and Learning osvatic@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 385
Laura OwensProfessorTeaching and Learning lowens@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 361
Jeremy PageAssistant Dean of Student ServicesOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4153pagejd@uwm.eduEnderis hall 213
Donna L. PasternakProfessor; Principal Investigator - ACCESSTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4592dlp2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 391
Christie PetersDirectorOffice of Clinical Experiences(414) 229-4352peters19@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 369
Tracy PosnanskiAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-5908tjp@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 285
Kathleen QuirkSenior University Relations SpecialistOffice of Student Services(414) 229-3144kquirk@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 241
Kalyani RaiAssociate ProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 227-2587kalyanir@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 519
Danielle RobinsonAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646robin483@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 257
Kristin RooseveltSenior AdvisorOffice of Student Services(414) 229-4721kroosev@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 209
Denise RossAssociate Professor; DirectorInstitute for Urban Education(414) 229-6507rossde@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 565
Jessica RussellAssistant DeanOffice of the Dean(414) 229-7006russelj@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 1019
Katherine SageVisiting Assistant ProfessorEducational Psychology sagek@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 759
Jenny SagrilloAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646sagrillo@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 261
Dante J. SaltoAssistant ProfessorAdministrative Leadership(414) 251-5155salto@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 621
Marie SandyAssociate ProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-1173sandym@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 539
Marty SappProfessorEducational Psychology sapp@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 793
Beth SchefelkerLecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646beth@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 259
Theresa SchmechelSign Language InterpreterTeaching and Learning theresas@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 273
Molly SchreiberAcademic Department SpecialistOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-6552schreibm@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 573
Aaron SchutzProfessor & Educational Policy & Community Studies Department ChairEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-4150schutz@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 553
Ray ScolavinoSenior LecturerTeaching and Learning(414) 229-2995ni3@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 279
Lynn SedivySenior LecturerTeaching and Learning sedivy@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 389
Tara SerebinLecturer & Program DirectorTeaching and Learning serebin@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 333
Alan ShohoProfessor; Dean of the School of EducationAdministrative Leadership; Office of the Dean(414) 229-4182shoho@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 595
Alicia SochaAssociate LecturerCenter for Mathematics and Science Education Research(414) 229-6646asocha@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 259
Michael D. SteeleProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4884steelem@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 309
Karen StoiberKellner ProfessorEducational Psychology kstoiber@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 775
Mary StoneOutreach SpecialistAsset-Based Cultural Competence Ensuring Student Success (ACCESS)(414) 229-3977mbstone@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 319
Rajeswari SwaminathanProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies swaminar@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 557
Javier TapiaAssociate ProfessorEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-5261jtapia@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 563
Aaria TroianoSenior LecturerEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-4724atroiano@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 529
Leigh WallaceClinical Assistant ProfessorAdministrative Leadership(414) 251-8614lwallace@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 623
Rebecca WeberUniversity Services AssociateOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning414-229-4728webertr2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 513
Rod WhitemanAssistant ProfessorAdministrative Leadership(414) 251-8472whitemar@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 645
Erin WigginsClinical Associate ProfessorTeaching and Learning wiggine@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 271
Gary L. WilliamsAssociate Professor; DirectorEducational Policy & Community Studies; Institute for Intercultural Research(414) 229-5626glw@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 545
Agnes WilliamsLecturerEducational Policy & Community Studies(414) 229-7356avw@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 549
Adrienne WoodsClinical Associate Professor; DirectorOffice of Charter Schools(414) 229-5679woodsal@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 221
Erica YewlettUW Human Resources ManagerOffice of the Dean(414) 229-2808yewlett@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 1029 & Engelmann Hall 125
Bo ZhangProfessorEducational Psychology boz@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 757