Literacy and Social Justice Project

A group of young children reading books on a bench in the park.

This project seeks to increase early literacy outcomes for students in Wisconsin by empowering their teachers to use research-based literacy instruction in classrooms. Please email if you are interested in participating in the IUE’s Literacy Project.

SPACES Teacher Affinity Groups

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SPACES is a project that provides a safe space for diverse teachers from Milwaukee and surrounding areas to support one another as facilitators of culturally relevant pedagogy. Please email if you are interested in joining a SPACES teacher affinity group.

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Group of children looking at a globe.

The IUE is conducting research on culturally relevant pedagogy (Ladson-Billings, 1995). Culturally relevant pedagogy (CRP) asserts that successful teachers of marginalized students ensure that students have academic excellence, cultural competence, and sociopolitical awareness.

Research and Dissemination

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The IUE conducts and disseminates research to pre-service and in-service educators. Opportunities for UW-System students, PK-12 educators, and education researchers to participate our projects are available. Please email us at for more information.


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IUE Libguides are subject guides and resources about culturally relevant pedagogy housed on the UWM Libraries website.

Research Advisory Committee

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The IUE Research Advisory Committee is a collaborative, interdisciplinary research team comprised of UW System colleagues and partner stakeholders. This committee investigates educational practices for urban school districts. Please email if you are interested in participating in the IUE research advisory board.

For more information about the IUE research projects, please email