Our donors play an important role in advancing our time-honored mission of preparing teachers and other education leaders for the challenges and opportunities that come with serving our multi-cultural urban society. We are recognized for providing one of the best teacher-education preparation programs and widely celebrated for offering the only doctoral program in urban education.

We continue to prepare the largest number of teachers for MPS, many serving areas in need of compassionate and committed educators.

None of these initiatives could happen without the support of friends like you, people who believe so strongly in the mission and want to make sure UWM is thriving for generations to come. In addition to the loyal generosity of many donors, and the sometimes magnificent gifts to launch important programs, the UWM Foundation manages many endowed scholarship funds. These “forever funds” will continue to grow and produce scholarships long after we are all gone.

I hope you are inspired to invest in UWM-trained teachers and leaders and the countless students whose lives will be impacted by their passion to make a difference. For more information on how to leave a legacy, please visit or contact Or, simply give me a call at (414) 229-8214.

Shavonn Montgomery Brown
Development Director