Expanding Opportunity for Students of Color to Encourage Diversity in Stem Fields

DeAnn Huinker and Danielle Robinson.

DeAnn Huinker (L) and Danielle Robinson (R)

Mathematics and science are core subjects in school and form the base for many career opportunities in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields.

However, many children may not view themselves as mathematicians or scientists. And students of color especially may not get opportunities in schools that could encourage them to continue pursuing courses in higher-level mathematics or STEM-related fields.

On the March 17 episode of Curious Campus, host Tom Luljak talked to two guests who are looking at ways to expand opportunities in mathematics and encourage diversity in STEM fields. DeAnn Huinker is a professor of mathematics education at UWM’s School of Education and director of the Center for Mathematics and Science Education Research. Danielle Robinson is a mathematics coach for Milwaukee Public Schools and an associate lecturer at UWM’s School of Education.

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