Robert Rosselot

Bob Rosselot is a distance education student from Florida.

Many distance education students rarely come to campus, especially if they’re living in Florida, have a busy full-time job and it’s March and snowy in Wisconsin.

But Robert Rosselot, Director of Global Compliance for Franklin Templeton Investments in Fort Lauderdale, decided he wanted to visit the campus at least once before he finished his degree. Rosselot is working on a master’s degree in higher education administration through the School of Education’s Department of Administrative Leadership.

He chose the UWM program for several reasons, he says:

  • The “phenomenal reputation” of the administrative leadership faculty,
  • The university’s deep teaching roots that stretched back to the Milwaukee State Teachers’ College (MSTC);
  • The School of Education’s focus on urban education;
  • The university’s reputation as a research institution;
  • And, of course, the opportunity to complete the degree online.

“With my job requirements and other commitments, online is perfect for me,” he says. He started at UWM in the fall of 2012, and has been taking one course at a time – “I’m on the very slow track,” he says with a smile, but plans to finish his degree this summer.

He became interested in returning to school for a degree in education as a way of preparing for the next stage in his life, he says. He earned his undergraduate degree in history, then his law degree, and is happy in his current job, but is looking ahead. “After I retire, I wanted to do something else entirely different that would keep my mind active and engaged.”

Rosselot has really enjoyed the online environment, he says, but realized that he’d been in the program for several years and had never set foot on campus – or even been to Milwaukee. So, when Dean Alan Shoho invited him, he decided to visit. He arrived on March 24 – just as the state of Wisconsin was hit with an early spring snowstorm. Fortunately, Milwaukee’s weather brought mostly rain and sleet and the airport remained open so Rosselot arrived safely. One of his wishes in making the visit, however, was to see some snow, and he got his wish later in the day as the chilly mix of winter precipitation turned to snow.

When his degree is completed and he’s ready to move into another career, Rosselot is looking at options like becoming an adviser at a law school or an ombudsman in higher education. That, he notes, would be a good fit with his legal background. “This degree is helping me create options.”

And, his courses are already having an impact. For example, he says, understanding how people learn is helping in his day-to-day work. “Almost everything I’ve learned has an application to what I’m doing now. That’s been an unexpected benefit.”

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