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Barbara BalesAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-3002bbales@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 349
Maggie BartlettAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-6914bartletm@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 317
Craig BergProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4047caberg@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 281
Jennifer BrownsonTeaching FacultyTeaching and Learning jbrowns2@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 313
Sunny BryschAssistant Clinical ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 372-0595brysch@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 267
Pamela Sue ConineClinical ProfessorTeaching and Learning psue@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 275
Elizabeth DanielTeaching FacultyTeaching and Learning danielem@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 319
Christina DestrampeAssociate LecturerTeaching & Learning(414) 229-4663cschwenn@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 697
Candance Doerr-StevensAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4523doerrste@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 353
Elizabeth DrameProfessorTeaching and Learning erdrame@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 397
Leanne M. EvansAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-7324levans@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 377
Tania HabeckAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4931mertzman@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 323
Alanna HarrisTeaching Faculty ITeaching and Learning amalloy@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 341
Jeffrey HawkinsAssociate Professor; DirectorTeaching and Learning; Urban Education Doctoral Program(414) 229-5971hawkinj@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 393
Angel HesselDistinguished LecturerTeaching and Learning(414) 229-4179ahessel@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 315
Karen HolzerAssociate LecturerTeaching & Learning kholzer@uwm.eduEnderis Hall
DeAnn HuinkerProfessor; DirectorTeaching and Learning; Center for Math & Science Education Research(414) 229-6646huinker@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 363
Matthew IngersollTeaching Faculty ITeaching and Learning ingersom@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 387
Tatiana JosephAssistant ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-6667josepht@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 357
Sara JozwikAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning jozwik@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 319
Hope Longwell-GriceAssociate Professor; Senior Associate DeanTeaching and Learning; Office of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning(414) 229-3245hope@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 583
Barbara LuciusAssociate LecturerTeaching and Learning luciusb@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 329
Annie MarcksWI FoRT Coordinator; Literacy LecturerOffice of Academic Affairs: Teaching & Learning; Teaching & Learning 
Anita OsvaticTeaching Faculty IIITeaching and Learning osvatic@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 385
Laura OwensProfessorTeaching and Learning lowens@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 361
Tracy PosnanskiAssociate ProfessorTeaching and Learning(414) 229-5908tjp@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 285
Deidre RoemerLecturerAdministrative Leadership; Teaching and Learning(414) 
Denise RossAssociate Professor; DirectorInstitute for Urban Education(414) 229-6507rossde@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 565
Ray ScolavinoDistinguished Lecturer & Teaching FacultyTeaching and Learning(414) 229-2995ni3@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 279
Ryne ThorneTeaching Faculty ITeaching & Learning(414) 301-2969rvthorne@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 257
Erin WigginsClinical Assistant ProfessorTeaching and Learning wiggine@uwm.eduEnderis Hall 271