Alumni Award GOLD Winners

.Jacarrie Carr and Nathaniel Deans, Jr., School of Education alumni will be honored Oct. 12 at the UWM Alumni Association Awards.

Two School of Education alumni will be honored Oct. 12 at the UWM Alumni Association Awards at the Pfister Hotel.

Jacarrie Carr, who earned his BS in Community Education in 2015, will be honored as a Graduate of the Last Decade as will Nathaniel Deans, Jr. who earned his B.S. in English and Education in 2011.

The 24 alumni award recipients and corporate partner were chosen based on their outstanding professional achievements, civic involvement and partnerships with the university.

Jacarrie Carr, who earned his master’s degree in Cultural Foundations of Education and Community Leadership in May, 2018 at UWM, started Jacarrie’s Kicks for Kids while he was still an undergraduate. Since 2013, hundreds of families have benefitted from his efforts to collect and distribute free, clean, comfortable shoes to Milwaukee students. Born and raised in Milwaukee, Carr has worked on other projects to improve the lives of Milwaukee young people. In the fall of 2017, he received the first Love Kindness award. That award, established by donor Mike Robertson is given to a School of Education student who exemplified how to treat others and build a better community.

Nathaniel Deans Jr. returned to his alma mater, Riverside University High School after graduating cum laude from UWM. As one of the few male teachers of color at Riverside, he serves as a role model. He inspires his students to develop a love of English and challenges them to take actions that will improve their community. He goes beyond the classroom to mentor students and new teachers. He often brings his students on field trips to various events and activities at UWM. In 2017, he received the Start, Stay, Succeed Champion Award from the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation.

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