Alan’s Weekly September 14th, 2020

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Coronavirus Update – Please review Chancellor Mone’s messages regarding UWM’s efforts from this past week. Please monitor your e-mail and UWM’s Coronavirus website for further updates from Chancellor Mone or campus communications. Here is the Fall re-opening website.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data as of September 8, 2020, point in time from a year ago.

Fall 2020 graduate admissions – SOE is up 6 in admissions (up 8 in applications)

Fall 2020 semester credit hours generation is down 2.3%


This past week I had regular meetings using Microsoft Teams with Jessica Russell, Adrienne Woods, and the Deans.

Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee met. The coordinating committee this year is comprised of Cheryl Baldwin (ADL), Liz Drame (T&L), Chris Lawson (EDP), and Gary Williams (EPCS). The first item was to select a chair for the coordinating committee. Chris Lawson volunteered to be chair for this year. The second item was to set the agenda for the All Faculty meeting following the all school meeting on Thursday, September 10th. There were three items identified for the meeting, not necessarily in this order: 1) 2026 Task Force; 2) SOE governance restructuring; and 3) Conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts and its linkage to the SOE’s mission.

Deans Provost Meeting

On Wednesday morning, the Deans met with the Provost. The Deans were asked to ensure post tenure reviews are completed and the Deans communicate the results back to the faculty member in a timely manner. Next Friday, the Deans will have a retreat at the Alumni House, weather permitting. One of the focuses will on “bold radical changes” required to position UWM for a brighter future.

Our UWM overall enrollment for the fall semester is better than anticipated, although freshmen is down. Our fall enrollment is down 5.5% or about 1400 students. Efforts for re-enrollment were successful. We want to acknowledge the work of the advisors and everyone else who contacted students and encouraged them to re-enroll. UWM increased the amount of a financial hold to $2500 to help students re-enroll. Our new freshmen enrollment was down 15% this fall. This is a major concern for the future.

Dave Clark, Kay Eilers, and Jonathan Haines led a discussion on enrollment management and some of the challenges UWM may be encountering. Some of the issues may be related to the eapp, although finances may be the biggest deterrent to students enrolling. Given the financial squeeze COVID has put on families, the financial resources available for tuition and expenses may have adversely affected student’s ability to enroll. Some speculated as a result, students are taking this semester off to work and build up their resources to devote to their educational expenses.

Dev Venugopalan shared information on the upcoming HLC re-accreditation process in 2021-22. The key will be how our courses assess their learning outcomes. Dev also shared information on program reviews. He said the Deans need to request from leaders of all program reviews to include them in the process, because there have been surprises in program reviews that Deans were not aware about until after the process was completed.

2030 Implementation Members

This past Friday, I was informed that three SOE members have been selected to serve on the 2030 Implementation team. They are Simone Conceicao and Jessica Russell (School, College, and Program Realignment work group), and Leigh Wallace (Radically Welcoming Institution work group). There are four implementation groups. They are:

  1. Make a full-scale revision of the undergraduate student experience as well as developing forward-facing core competencies that will make a UWM education distinctive. This will also include optimizing the student experience of UWM services and leveraging technology to maximize flexibility for students’ preferred learning pathways.
  2. Make UWM a radically welcoming and engaging institution for all students, including automatic acceptance for all Milwaukee graduates. This includes reducing financial barriers for students in need, incentivizing high-achieving students to attend UWM, and changing the culture of UWM to embrace a diversity, equity and inclusivity mindset among faculty, staff, and administration.
  3. Conduct top tier research.
    a. Expand collaborative and interdisciplinary scholarship and graduate programs.
    b. Infuse entrepreneurship, design thinking, and data science into faculty research and graduate and undergraduate education.
    c. Strengthen sustaining partnerships with community, industry and other academic institutions.
    d. Optimize faculty workforce deployment.
  4. Realign the administrative structure and program array that includes evaluation of the structure of Colleges and Schools.


Noah Wolfe, one of the Senior Excellence in Research (SERA) awardees for this coming year (working with Chris Lawson in Education), is featured today in the UWM News. Noah is in the accelerated master’s degree program and aspires to be a special education teacher. He is connecting with students he hopes to one day serve and advocate for. Please read the story.

School of Education Undergraduate student Noah Wolfe works looks over images with a child during a learning session.

Noah Wolfe is working on his undergraduate degree in K-12 Exceptional Education. Simultaneously, Noah is in his first year of the Accelerated Master’s Program working towards a master’s degree in Exceptional Education. He has worked with Dr. Chris Lawson in the Department of Educational Psychology for the past three years, beginning in the summer of 2017. In Dr. Lawson’s lab, Noah has been performing extensive research on understanding the development of inductive generalizations within school-aged children. How do children develop the skills that allow them to generalize information they learned in one context to another context?

Noah has presented research at multiple conference presentations throughout the Midwest, has a publication in the Journal of Cognitive Science, and has received recognition from Chancellor Mark Mone, Dean Alan Shoho and more. In the 2020-21 academic year, Noah will be focusing specifically on how inductive generalization skills differ between students with and without disabilities. He will explore this by conducting basic developmental research that examines the development of inductive reasoning and applied research designed to understand how children learn to generalize in a variety of contexts.

After graduating, Noah intends on finishing his master’s degree in Exceptional Education and intends on teaching in Milwaukee Public Schools, utilizing the knowledge he has gained from his cognitive development research into his classroom and pedagogy. Email:


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