Alan’s Weekly August 24th, 2020

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Coronavirus Update – Please review Chancellor Mone’s messages regarding UWM’s efforts from this past week. Please monitor your e-mail and UWM’s Coronavirus website for further updates from Chancellor Mone or campus communications. Here is the Fall re-opening website.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data as of August 17, 2020, point in time from a year ago.

Fall 2020 graduate admissions – SOE is up 5 in admissions (up 8 in applications)

Fall 2020 semester credit hours generation is down 1.9%


This past Thursday, all UBRs and Deans were sent a memo containing a budget template and narrative to be completed by September 23rd for FY22. As noted earlier, campus is asking all units to come up with a 9% permanent budget reduction. Most of the 7.5% one-time budget reduction we submitted in July for FY21 will become permanent as it will be part of what we have to submit for our 9%. What we won’t be able to count is the furlough funds (which represented approximately $240K out of the $854K). However, we will be able to apply any revenue generating items to cover the 9%. The challenge is if we use revenue generation and it does not materialize, then it will put the school into a major bind, so we need to have high degree of confidence that any revenue generation ideas will materialize. In addition, revenue generation will only apply to graduate tuition, use of restricted funds, and other non-credit revenue generation.


This week I had regular meetings using Microsoft Teams with Adrienne Woods, Stephen Wester, Liz Drame, Provost, Jeremy Page, Simone Conceicao, and the Deans.

M3 Monthly Meeting with Chancellor

On Tuesday morning, I attended the M3 meeting with the Chancellor. Given our environment, M3 is pivoting a bit to address the virtual issues and is hoping to get more MPS students to obtain dual credit. In addition, there was discussion about auto-admitting MPS and MATC students to UWM.

Student Teacher Orientation

On Thursday morning, I participated in the student teacher orientation. With this new world, it was done on zoom. This was a departure from our normal in-person event. I want to thank Christie Peters, Jenny Brownson, Anna Bierce, and Corby Anderson for organizing this virtual orientation for our student teachers. Team OCE did an exemplary job of transferring this orientation to a virtual environment. This will be one of the most unusual academic years in recent history for our student teachers. At the same time, I shared with the student teachers that this was a great opportunity to add value to their cooperating teachers by helping them create online lessons and engaging activities for their students. As I shared with them, I believe they will look back on 2020 when they did their student teaching and got their first teaching job as a time when they were part of a game changing transformation in education. With their creativity and imagination, I am confident our students will be able to connect with their students like these two Georgia teachers did by producing this video.

2026 Task Force

On Thursday afternoon, I met with the 2026 Task Force for our inaugural meeting. I gave them their charge and addressed any questions they had. I truly believe the work of the Task Force has the potential to impact the School of Education in beneficial ways if they can break out of the status quo and allow their ingenuity to bring forth creative, responsive, and actionable recommendations. As Robin Williams who portrayed teacher John Keating in “Dead Poets Society,” carpe diem – Seize the Day!


This past week, Leah Rouse shared with me that a team received a $1.2M grant from the Department of Health and Human Services for the project entitled, “Menominee Zero Suicide Program.” Congratulations to Leah and her team of doctoral students.


This past week DeAnn Huinker was interviewed about empowering students to become math learners. Here is the link to the interview. Congratulations DeAnn.


The Chancellor and Provost asked all the Deans to encourage their faculty and instructional staff to reach out to their students this fall and ensure they feel connected to you and the course you are teaching. Also, I hope every faculty and instructor in the SOE will use Canvas’s gradebook and early alert system as well as connect with their students through virtual office hours. I was very impressed by this short youtube video that Simone Conceicao produced through the Student Success Center on virtual office hours.


  • Upcoming Furlough days – A Basis – Friday, October 30, 2020; Friday, November 27, 2020; Monday, December 28, 2020; Friday, January 22, 2021; Friday, March 26, 2021; Friday, May 28, 2021. C Basis – Monday, August 31, 2020; Friday, November 27, 2020; Monday, December 28, 2020; Friday, January 22, 2021; Friday, March 26, 2021; Friday, May 14, 2021 Staff will be unavailable on furlough days. Additional furlough days for all employees may be applicable depending on your salary. Please check the Guidelines on Intermittent Furloughs webpage for further information.
  • All School Virtual Meeting on Thursday, September 10th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm, the Zoom link to be provided by Kerry Korinek. The meeting will be run by the Provost and facilitated by Hope Longwell-Grice.