Alan’s Weekly June 29th, 2020

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Coronavirus Update – Please review Chancellor Mone’s messages regarding UWM’s efforts from this past week. Please monitor your e-mail and UWM’s Coronavirus website for further updates from Chancellor Mone or campus communications. Here is the Fall re-opening website.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data as of June 22, 2020, point in time from a year ago.

Fall 2020 graduate admissions – SOE is up 7 in admissions (up 4 in applications)

Summer 2020 semester credit hours generation is up 7.8%

Fall 2020 semester credit hours generation is down 4.5%


This week I had regular meetings using Microsoft Teams with Jessica Russell, and the Deans.

Fall Planning Meeting

On Monday afternoon, the Provost convened a meeting of the Deans and Associate Deans along with other campus leaders to review and discuss the planning for re-opening campus for the fall semester. Scott Gronert reviewed the highlights of the plan shared in last week’s report from the Chancellor’s e-mail message. Hope Longwell-Grice will be working with the Department Chairs to figure out which courses can be F2F. Campus due to social distancing guidelines and the type of classrooms in Enderis Hall prevents us from having normal operations. We are encouraging mostly online or split section hybrid courses with few exceptions being strictly for F2F.

Every Dean gave an update of what their plans are for the fall semester instruction. Following the Deans updates, Kay Eilers and Dave Clark gave an update on fall enrollments. New freshmen are tracking lower than last year. In terms of continuing students, we are slightly behind our numbers from last year, which was behind from the previous year. It was also shared that students are inquiring about details of fall operations, which I suspect may influence their decision on whether to enroll or not.

Marija G-J gave an update on graduate enrollments. She shared a graph that illustrated graduate enrollment was tracking upward. She also shared some obstacles to graduate student success.

UWM Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday morning, I watched the town hall meeting hosted by the Chancellor and other campus leaders. If you did not get a chance to watch the town hall live, you can watch it here.


  • Upcoming Furlough days – Friday, July 3rd; Friday, August 21st; Friday, October 30th; Friday, November 27th; Monday, December 28th; Friday, January 22nd; Friday, March 26th; Friday, May 28th – staff will be unavailable on furlough days.