Alan’s Weekly June 8th, 2020

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Coronavirus Update – Please review Chancellor Mone’s messages regarding UWM’s efforts from this past week. Please monitor your e-mail and UWM’s Coronavirus website for further updates from Chancellor Mone or campus communications.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data as of June 1, 2020, point in time from a year ago.

Fall 2020 graduate admissions – SOE is up 6 in admissions (up 9 in applications)
Summer 2020 graduate admissions – SOE is up/down 0 in admissions (down 1 in applications)

Summer 2020 semester credit hours generation is up 7.7%

Fall 2020 semester credit hours generation is up .1%


This week I had regular meetings using Microsoft Teams with Jessica Russell, and the Deans.

Budget Update

Jessica Russell and I have been working on our pre-COVID-19 budget cut target of $689K for the past month. We are approximately $120K short of this target. I briefed the Deans and Chairs this week and gave them until Friday, June 12th to submit their recommendations to me for final consideration. I had previously received information from every department and support unit.

We are already planning for the next budget cut for next year. The best case scenario would be a 5% budget cut and the worst case scenario would be upwards of 20%. This is all dependent on the pending state budget cut as well as our enrollments for the coming academic year. Right now, the overall campus enrollment is down around 5.3%, while the SOE’s semester credit generation is up .1% as noted above, but it is way too early to take away anything from these numbers. Once we get to August and after census day in September, we will have a better sense of what the next budget cut is likely to entail.

Summer Work Group Meeting

On Tuesday morning, I attended the summer work group meeting to share the draft of the pre-COVID-19 budget cut. After providing a broader context of what is likely to come in the next year and our planning for it, I shared the draft of our pre-COVID-19 budget cut and asked for their input. The SOE’s future is highly dependent on our enrollments. If our enrollments as a school continue to drop, we will continue to receive budget cuts.

As I shared with the group, I envision major changes at UWM in the near future with fewer schools and colleges as well as departments. The institution can no longer afford to operate like when we had thirty thousand plus students. Back then, we were able to carry low enrolled academic programs, departments, and schools/colleges. Now we are at the tipping point and we can no longer afford to do this anymore. While these major changes will cause discomfort, I believe it has the possibility of positioning UWM for a better future. Here is a recent Chronicle article with a long-time higher education leader. I think he articulates the issues facing higher education well and has some provocative ideas worth serious consideration.

UW System Deans/Directors Meeting

On Thursday mid-day, I listened to the UW System Deans/Directors meeting. Denise Ross did a nice job of briefing everyone on the IUE activities. There was some discussion about the UW System Task Force report to be revealed at the Regents meeting this week. There were the usual DPI issues to address and discuss.


Krissy Lize informed me that UWM English Education Teacher Candidate Owen LeBrun was this year’s recipient of the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English Outstanding Student Teacher Award! Congratulations Owen and everyone associated with the English education program.


  • Furlough days – June 19th and July 3rd – staff will be unavailable on furlough days.