Alan’s Weekly February 10th, 2020

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for Fall 2020 semester as of February 3, 2019, point in time from a year ago.

Graduate admissions – SOE is up/down 0 in admissions (up 24 in applications)
Total admissions (Graduate)up/down 0 in admissions (up 24 in applications)

The Spring 2020 semester credit generation is down .4% point in time.


This past week I had regular monthly meetings with Jessica Russell, Dante Salto, and the Deans.

Saying good-bye to Carol Wacker

On Tuesday morning, a good turnout gathered to say good-bye to Carol Wacker in the 5th floor break room. We will all miss Carol’s positive and infectious energy. I wish her well as she starts her new job at the Medical College of Wisconsin.

Media Training

On Tuesday mid-day, I participated in the media training for the School of Education. Kathy Quirk coordinated the training with University Relations. There was a good turnout with 11 SOE people showing up for the presentation. The big takeaway was when the media contacts you, a speedy reply is required, otherwise the media will move on to another expert to get their thoughts on a story they are working on a deadline. The training was recorded, so if you want to listen to it, here is the link.

Dean’s Staff Advisory Committee Meeting

Right after the media training, I attended the Staff Advisory committee meeting. We welcomed two new members to the committee: Rob Longwell-Grice and Rebecca Weber. I gave a budget update. I enlisted the staff’s suggestions for generating revenue and for meeting our budget cut. The group is going to collect ideas and submit them to me by late March. Another issue they asked me to address is to ask all units to consider having a protocol of responding to phone or e-mail inquiries from current or prospective students within two business days.

Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee Meeting

Later Tuesday afternoon, I attended the Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee meeting. We discussed the feedback from the Qualtrics survey in December/January. The group talked about putting for some options for restructuring the School of Education’s standing committees, so that the Faculty Assembly can have something to review and discuss. Based on a meeting with Trudy Turner, Secretary of the University, all schools and colleges are required to have an APBC and a Graduate Committee. Beyond that, it is up to each school/college to determine their own structure.

Office of Student Services Meeting

On Wednesday morning, I attended the Office of Student Services meeting. I gave a budget update and enlisted their ideas for addressing our budget challenges. I provided the context for our budget challenge along with our timeline. I answered questions and asked for the staff’s support in providing suggestions for moving forward.

APBC Meeting

After lunch on Wednesday, I attended the APBC meeting and gave a budget update. The Deans were asked by APBC to come to each department’s meeting in February to provide a budget update and context. I shared our budget numbers and the context behind them with APBC. We discussed various ideas for moving forward, in particular, ways to generate revenue by increasing enrollment in strategic targeted areas. We also shared longer term issues involving right sizing our curriculum, retention, and strategic reductions.

UW System Deans and Directors Online Meeting

On Thursday morning, I participated in the UW Deans and Directors online meeting. Krissy Lize shared her working group’s feedback from the WiFORT and Act 44. There were a number of updates on DPI related issues. A number of these issues will be discussed at the WACTE spring meeting.

SE Wisconsin Superintendents Meeting

On Friday morning, I co-presented the Grow Your Own High School dual enrollment program with Vicki Bott, and Jonathan Feld from MATC at CESA1 in Pewaukee. The superintendents were very interested in our joint program. Our hope is a number of school districts will partner with us to create aspiring teacher pipelines.


  • 7th Annual Summit on Black Male Youth, March 16-17, 2020
  • Spring All School Meeting, May 14th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, Library 4th floor Conference Room
  • Summer Annual SOE Picnic, Thursday, July 23rd, 4:00 to 6:00 pm, front of Enderis Hall