Alan’s Weekly December 9th, 2019

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for Fall 2020 semester as of December 2, 2019, point in time from a year ago.

Graduate admissions – SOE is down 10 in admissions (up 9 in applications)
Total admissions (Graduate)down 10 in admissions (up 9 in applications)

The Spring 2020 semester credit generation is down 9.7% point in time.


This past week I had regular monthly meetings with Hope Longwell-Grice, Dante Salto, and the Deans.

Donor Luncheon

On Monday mid-day, I attended a luncheon organized by Carol Wacker with significant donors to the School of Education at Emily and Mike Robertson’s home on Kenwood Drive. This is an annual event. It is always delightful to meet with School of Education supporters. I gave a brief update on the educational landscape in the School and Milwaukee and then Angel Hessel did a nice job of sharing EdPTA results and thanking the Women’s Giving Circle for their continuous support. She shared how our donors support results driven opportunities to make real tangible outcomes for our students. Carol Wacker gave an update on our fundraising activities including the results of our campaign where the SOE and the institution exceeded our goals ($8M for the SOE and $200M for the institution).

Grow Your Own Meeting

On Monday afternoon, I attended a Grow Your Own meeting online with Hope Longwell-Grice and Jeremy Page. We had a productive conversation about how to launch CURRINS 300 for the Grow Your Own students starting in January 2020. Angel Hessel is conducting training for MPS teachers to teach the course. MPS wants to ramp up dual enrollment courses. We anticipate in the future to add Ed. Psy. 104 along with general education courses from MATC starting next fall 2020.

On Friday afternoon, I met with new Superintendent Mark Elworthy of St. Francis School District. He is interested in creating a Grow Your Own program. A number of school districts (Brown Deer, Wauwatosa, Cudahy, St. Anthony’s, Divine Savior Holy Angels) are interested in exploring what a Grow Your Own teacher pipeline program might entail. I believe this is a sign of more and more school districts having difficulty finding enough highly qualified teachers to support their ranks. It is compounded by the new generation of teachers not staying in one place for a long time unlike their predecessors who tended to stay in one place for longer periods of time.

Carol Wacker informed me that Bader Philanthropies has awarded a two-year grant for $80K to continue support of the Grow Your Own initiative. I will be working with Hope Longwell-Grice to determine how we might utilize this new funding to provide leadership for the program.


Please join me in wishing Judith Jablonski well as she leaves the School of Education. Judith has been a strong and collaborative colleague during her time with the SOE. Among her accomplishments, Judith has made great connections across campus to support the School as we have transitioned to Canvas. We have benefitted greatly from her work and will continue to feel the impact she has had. I hope you will join the Academic Affairs staff for a farewell gathering on the fifth floor at 1:00 pm on Thursday, December 12th.


Pam Conine shared with me this story from WUWM about sign language students tackling live theater interpreting. They are doing so in collaboration with the UWM student theater production. As Pam is quoted in the story, this is a great way to push students “…outside their comfort zones.”


The Academic Affairs team has completed the update on the new SOE Dashboard!

What is the SOE Dashboard? The SOE Dashboard is an online tool that helps faculty and instructors access information/forms/links/people that they need to complete vital logistical and professional tasks?

How is the new Dashboard different?

  • The basic categories of the old board are the same.
  • Added pages for ASL, Accessibility/ADA, & Ad hoc/Adjunct resources.
  • All information/contact info/inks have been updated & some new ones added.

What is the new URL/LINK?


  • SOE Basketball game party, Friday, January 31, 2020 at Panther Arena v. Wright State, 6:00 pm
  • 7th Annual Summit on Black Male Youth, March 16-17, 2020
  • Spring All School Meeting, May 14th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, Library 4th floor Conference Room