Alan’s Weekly October 14th, 2019

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for Fall 2020 semester as of October 7, 2019, point in time from a year ago.

Graduate admissions – SOE is down 8 in admissions (down 27 in applications)
Total admissions (Graduate)down 8 in admissions (down 27 in applications)


This past week I had regular monthly meetings with Seth Kochheiser, Xu Li, Adrienne Woods, Aaron Schutz, and the Deans.

Visit to Bradley Tech High School

On Monday morning, I accompanied Tom Lipinski, Dean of School of Information Studies and Tim Behrens, Dean of College of Health Sciences to visit Bradley Tech High School. The Chancellor asked me to facilitate collaborations between Bradley Tech and other UWM Schools and Colleges. As a result, we set up visits to Bradley Tech High School on October 7th and 21st to explore potential partnerships.

Deans Provost Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Provost held his bi-weekly meeting with the Deans. The entire meeting was devoted to a large group discussion on enrollment management. Katie Miota attended and shared her thoughts on what UWM is doing with enrollment management. It is pretty clear from all the meetings I have attended recently that enrollment (everything from recruiting new and transfer students to retention of current students to ensuring student success) is the top priority for UWM this year.

Academic Leadership Council (ALC) Meeting

Later Tuesday afternoon, I attended the ALC meeting with Hope Longwell-Grice. The Chancellor charted a course for the coming year with a meeting to provide updates scheduled for January 23rd. He will be forming a Task Force of 10-12 people to produce out of the box ideas to consider for implementation. He asked for thoughts on the five strategic directions for the institution and what was the best way to communicate these to the campus (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Outstanding Learning Environment; Research Excellence; Community Engagement and Talent Pipeline; and Sustainable Future for the Campus). There were several good ideas including bringing some keynote speakers to address the looming demographic challenges and the urgency to adapt to the changing environment before it is too late.

Faculty Assembly Meeting

On Thursday afternoon, I attended the Faculty Assembly meeting. I gave an update on the budget as well as Chancellor Mone’s five strategic directions (see above). I shared the Chancellor is going to be appointing 10-12 people to serve on a Task Force to make recommendations for the campus to move forward towards 2030.

Most of the meeting was devoted to debriefing about Trudy Turner’s policy meeting and its implications for the SOE’s committee structure. Tania Habeck and Chris Lawson volunteered to review what other schools and colleges are doing with their graduate committee (this is a required committee that every school and college must have and the SOE is out of compliance with this UWM policy). Representatives were asked to share the feedback from the All Faculty Meeting and to bring any agenda items back to Faculty Assembly.

As I reflected after the faculty assembly meeting, we have a great opportunity to chart a new pathway forward to a better future. This will take new ways of doing things using a problem-solving perspective where we help each other as a whole. I am confident we have the capacity to take advantage of opportunities with creative and innovative solutions to our enrollment challenges that will lead to enhanced productivity in research and community engagement. I look forward to the work of faculty assembly this year.


Here is an online article from CNN on the push to recruit more Black men to become teachers.


UWM’s Student Involvement asked our assistance for an upcoming Ignite Leadership Institute. They are looking for emerging leaders to join us for this 6-week, cohort-based program centered around the relational leadership model. If you or anyone in your department has any undergraduate students that would be a good fit for this program, please nominate them here. Nominations are such an important aspect to our program, so they really appreciate if faculty and staff would complete this for any students they want to nominate.


  • SOE Basketball game party, Friday, January 31, 2020 at Panther Arena v. Wright State, 6:00 pm
  • 7th Annual Summit on Black Male Youth, March 16-17, 2020
  • Spring All School Meeting, May 14th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, Library 4th floor Conference Room