Alan’s Weekly September 30th, 2019

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Summer and Fall 2019 semester as of September 23, 2019, point in time from a year ago.

Graduate admissions – SOE is up 24 in admissions (down 12 in applications)
Total admissions (Graduate)up 24 in admissions (down 12 in applications)

The 2019 fall semester credit generation is up 2.2%.


This past week I had regular monthly meetings with Bill Keith, Aaron Schutz, Hope Longwell-Grice, Chancellor and Provost, Kathy Quirk, and the Deans.

Deans Provost Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Provost held the Deans’ bi-weekly meeting. Robin Van Harpen, Drew Knab, and Paul Klajbor attended and presented updated information on the new budget model. They talked about the process for the adjusted budget model. They will be sharing this information with the University APBC and the UBRs in the next week prior to finalizing the process. The Deans and UBRs are expected to submit a budget narrative by October 7th. Jessica and I have enlisted the help of the Deans and Chairs to provide input into our narrative.

UWM Budget Model Meeting

Later Tuesday afternoon, Jessica Russell, Stan Stojkovic, and I met with the UWM Budget team of Drew Knab, Cindy Kluge, and Paul Klajbor to provide a more nuance look at the new budget model and answer any questions we had. It was informative to learn what the campus will tax and not tax in the new budget model and what academic units can expect. For example, schools and colleges will be receiving the fringe benefits for its employees. In the end, it becomes a wash in terms of revenue/expense, because while we get this revenue, we just turn around and expend it in order to pay the fringe benefits for our employees. It is clear if you gain enrollment and graduate more students, the model favors you. Our challenge is gaining enrollment through new students as well as retaining our current students. For the past 8 years, we have graduated larger undergraduate classes than the incoming classes to backfill them. As a result, our total undergraduate enrollment continues to get smaller. Similarly, our graduate enrollment has declined over time, albeit at a much smaller percentage. I encourage any creative ideas to bring in new undergraduate or graduate students.

Boys and Girls Club Meeting

On Wednesday afternoon, Jeremy Page and I went to the Boys and Girls Club to meet with their representatives about full- and part-time job opportunities for our students. We learned that they are already working with Jeffrey Hawkins and his social studies students. Besides our teacher education students, this seems to be a good fit for undergraduate students from Educational Policy and Community Studies who are interested in working with youth outside of schools. Jeremy is taking the lead on this and will share information at an upcoming CPE meeting or some other mechanism.

Visit to UNC Charlotte Early College High School

On Thursday, I flew to Charlotte to visit UNC Charlotte’s Early College High School designed specifically for preparing aspiring teachers. This is a partnership between UNC Charlotte and Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District. Every year, approximately fifty to fifty-five students enter their program. All the courses are taken at UNC Charlotte in the College of Education building. It is like a magnet school within the College of Education. The students stay for five years. They can graduate in four years, however if they stay all five years, they earn their first two years of college at UNC Charlotte, tuition free. There is also an early college high school for aspiring engineers, which has been in existence for 7 years. The education early college high school is in its 3rd year. The principal, counselor, and teachers are all from Charlotte-Mecklenburg and they work with the UNC Charlotte College of Education faculty to provide experiential learning opportunities for students. I observed two classrooms and talked to students as well as interviewed three junior students. They are taking college courses this year and enjoying the experience. I was so impressed by the students’ commitment, passion, and ability to articulate their thoughts. In addition, the UNC Charlotte Dean Ellen McIntyre shared with me that they are in the initial stages of designing and creating a laboratory school due to a legislative mandate.


Here is an article the Provost shared with the Deans. He received it from Stephen Schmidt, former Interim Dean of the College of General Studies.


  • SOE Basketball game party, Friday, January 31, 2020 at Panther Arena v. Wright State, 6:00 pm
  • 7th Annual Summit on Black Male Youth, March 16-17, 2020
  • Spring All School Meeting, May 14th, 1:00 to 2:00 pm, Library 4th floor Conference Room