Alan’s Weekly August 5th, 2019

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Summer and Fall 2019 semester as of July 29, 2019, point in time from a year ago. For the time being, I will stop reporting the undergraduate and transfer admission and application numbers until the new reporting system is up and running and more accurately reflects school’s numbers. The graduate information is accurate and will continue to be reported on a weekly basis.

Graduate admissions – SOE is up 8 in admissions (down 10 in applications)
Total admissions (Graduate)up 8 in admissions (down 10 in applications)

The 2019 summer semester credit generation is down 7.3% point in time from a year ago. The 2019 fall semester credit generation is up 4.2%.


This past week I had regular monthly meetings with Mark Mone and Johannes Britz, Carol Wacker, and the Deans.

Lead2Change Meeting

On Monday morning, Hope Longwell-Grice and Christie Peters accompanied me to a meeting with Dionne Grayson from Lead2Change. Lead2Change is a non-profit organization located in a new community center associated with the Greater Galilee Baptist Church on North Teutonia in the 53206-zip code. I visited the community center a few weeks ago as a guest of Pastor John White, who is a member of the School of Education’s Board of Visitors. They are interested in exploring ways for UWM and the School of Education to partner with them. We had a very productive conversation around developing a teacher pipeline for high school seniors. I believe this could complement our Grow Your Own efforts.

Deans Provost Meeting

On Tuesday morning, I attended the Deans Provost meeting. It was our first meeting since June 11th. We welcomed three new Deans and an interim Dean, Tim Behrens of the College of Health Sciences, Kaishal Chari of the Lubar School of Business, and Simon Bronner of the College of General Studies. Tim comes from Northern Arizona University; Kaishal is coming from the University of South Florida; and Simon is coming from Penn State – Harrisburg. The interim Dean is Nancy Frank for the School of Architecture and Urban Planning. Currently, there is one Dean’s search underway for the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare. Dean Stan Stojkovic is stepping down next summer 2020.

Following the introductions, Scott Emmons gave a brief update on the two-day professional development for the Deans and Associate Deans scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, August 19th and 20th at the School of Continuing Education. We have some homework to complete prior to the PD days. The Provost is sponsoring consultant Dr. Joseph Zolner from the Harvard Graduate School of Education who does leadership development to facilitate our sessions as well as work with the Chairs on the 21st. I am looking forward to learning from the consultant.

After the PD update, Dave Clark provided an overview on the experiential learning project he is leading up. He is assessing what each school and college is doing to support experiential learning for undergraduate students. He is also trying to determine what it will take for every student to have an experiential learning experience as part of their undergraduate degree. Dave also talked about another project he is leading up involving pathways to four-year graduation plans. The Provost also mentioned that College of Letters and Science Dean Scott Gronert is leading up a task force on general education requirements.


The ACCESS grant program presented at the Modern Language Association’s International Symposium in Lisbon, Portugal about UWM Writing Project culturally responsive teaching practices at two MPS schools! The team included ACCESS Grant PI & UWM Writing Project Director Donna Pasternak, UWM Writing Project Co-director Jenny Hussa, and UWMWP Teacher Consultants & ACCESS Grant Graduate Assistants Nakeysha Roberts Washington, Alanna Malloy, and Molly Wolk. The presentation was a great success and an amazing opportunity to share the impactful work being done with teachers at South Division High School and Alexander Hamilton High School.


  • Hartford Elementary School Welcome Back the Kids to School, Tuesday, September 3rd at 7:15 am.
  • All School Meeting, Thursday, September 12th from 1:00 to 2:00 pm
  • 7th Annual Summit on Black Male Youth, March 16-17, 2020