Alan’s Weekly November 12th, 2018

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2019 semester as of November 5, 2018, point in time from Fall 2018.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 9 in net admissions (down 78 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 2 in net admissions (up 1 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is up 1 in admissions (down 6 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)down 10 in admissions (down 83 in applications)


This week I had regular meetings with the Chancellor and Provost, Adrienne Woods, Aaron Schutz, Jeremy Page, and the Deans.

Women’s Giving Circle Evaluation Meeting

On Wednesday morning, I participated in the Women’s Giving Circle evaluation of proposals submitted for funding at St. John’s on the Lake where Barbara Michaels has hosted us foe the past four years. We reviewed 13 proposals. In the end, a little more than half the proposals were funded in full or partially. Carol Wacker will be finalizing the awards. Prior to approving the awards, the WGC Board asked Carol to get some answers to questions.

New Budget Model Meeting

On Wednesday afternoon, Jessica Russell and I met with the New Budget Model team, which included Johannes Britz, Robin Van Harpen, Paul Klajbor, Gesele Durham, Drew Knab, Cindy Kluge, Thomas Malaby (APBC), and Shevaun Watson (APBC). Jessica and I gave a historical context for the budget in the School of Education and what we have done in the past 4 years to balance our annual budget. We made our case for what we wanted (faculty positions and funds to support a differentiated workload). We currently have two faculty searches approved (Administrative Leadership and School Counseling) moving forth. We asked for two other positions (School Psychology, and a visiting position for Educational Statistics and Measurement) along with funds to support a differentiated workload. It was a good exchange of thoughts. Drew Knab shared a budget model timeline (PDF), the New Budget Model team is not going to be make any decisions until January at the earliest. We were the first School/College they met with and these meetings will continue through November and December. As a result, the current approved two searches are moving, forward. The other three faculty positions are on hold until sometime in 2019. The departments affected by this need to develop a plan B. In order for the School of Education to get everything we asked for, it would require a budget adjustment of $530K more than we are currently being allotted.

Staff Advisory Committee Meeting

On Thursday morning, I attended the Staff Advisory committee meeting. I gave the group an update on a number of issues related the budget above and my leave of absence below. Tyree Bolden agreed to serve as the Vice-Chair. The committee is examining a number of professional development opportunities including strength finders, true colors, and ed camps among others.

Faculty Assembly

On Thursday afternoon, I attended the Faculty Assembly meeting. I gave a brief update on the new budget model meeting that Jessica and I had with the Provost, Robin Van Harpen and their finance people. I also shared that I am going on a leave of absence as noted below. The rest of the meeting was devoted to committee reports and a discussion about what budget information the Faculty Assembly wants from Jessica. She will provide department level budgets to each department by the end of November and then she will try to get program budget costing information for CEED and Math before the December 7th meeting.

International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame Induction for Simone Conceição

On Saturday evening in New Orleans, Simone Conceição, was inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame. I flew to New Orleans to support Simone’s induction. It was a very nice induction ceremony. Larry Martin was there as well to welcome Simone into the IACE Hall of Fame. As Larry shared with the audience, “As an innovator in the use of technologies and their applications to online teaching and learning, Simone’s research and publications have served as vehicles to disseminate models, strategies, and effective practices.” Her contributions to adult and distance education have crossed international borders and been a trailblazer among scholars in the field. Here are two pictures from the induction ceremony and evening. Congratulations Simone on this great honor!

Simone Conceição with Larry Martin and speaking to the audience during her induction into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame.


From November 14th through January 4th, I will be on FMLA. I will be back in the office on Monday, January 7th. During my absence, Associate Dean Hope Longwell-Grice will serve in my place and have full authority to make all Dean level decisions. Please support Hope during this time.


From November 15th to December 15th and January 22nd to May 19th, I have asked Dr. Jackie Nguyen to serve as an Administrative Intern with a ten hour overload for one month and a 50% release in the spring semester to support the Dean’s office. She will be responsible for CANVAS and working with our new instructional technologist (when hired), help craft the SOE’s outstanding learning environment goals and actions, micro-credentials, help with new faculty transition/support, and other duties as assigned including special projects.


Kathy Quirk shared a recent research blog in Education Week featuring Bo Zhang and Regina Navejar from UWM. Here is a link to the story. Nice work Bo and Regina!


  • March 2nd –  SOE Basketball Fun Night v. Wright State at 6:00 pm at Panther Arena.
  • May 9th – All School Meeting – 4th Floor Library Conference room starting at 1:00 pm.