Alan’s Weekly October 1st, 2018

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of September 24, 2018, point in time from Fall 2017.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 3 in net admissions (down 6 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 9 in net admissions (down 16 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is down 49 in admissions (down 8 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)down 62 in admissions (down 30 in applications)

The final 2018 Fall semester credit hours signed up for is down 1.1% point in time from Fall 2017.


This week I had regular meetings with Chancellor and Provost, Provost, Hope Longwell-Grice, Kathy Quirk, and the Deans.

Grow Your Own Meeting with Chancellor and Provost

On Monday morning, Jeremy Page, Hope Longwell-Grice, and I had a briefing with the Chancellor, Provost, Vice Chancellor for Global Inclusion and Sue Weslow, Special Assistant to the Chancellor on the Grow Your Own program. We updated them on the current status of the program.

Greater Milwaukee Committee Education Meeting

Early Tuesday morning I attended a GMC Education meeting at the University Club. Rob Henken and Ann Chapman from the Wisconsin Policy Institute gave a presentation on MPS’s charter school fiscal operations and asked whether it was beneficial for MPS to have non-instrumentality charter schools from a fiscal standpoint. They raised both positives and negatives and concluded it depended on one’s perspective and whether MPS is keeping students who would have left the district or whether these students would have stayed in the districts without the charter school. A big unknown.

Afterwards, Interim MPS Superintendent Keith Posley gave a presentation on his vision for MPS. He is laser focused on academics, in particular, reading, writing, and mathematics proficiency. His message was well-received by the committee. Dr. Posley and I had a nice conversation and I am hopeful he wants to work with us on a post-bac program for certifying para-professionals. If we are able to secure this partnership, it would be a game changer for the School of Education.

Deans and Chairs Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Deans and Chairs held a meeting. Kerry Korinek asked the chairs for their input on course and program changes. The chairs advised Kerry to allow faculty to initiate the changes, so it was determined that faculty can initiate course changes (Kerry & Molly program changes), and chairs will be notified once submitted. Department approval and next steps follow. Kerry will provide a demonstration when ready.

After Kerry’s time, I shared with the group that we are down 1.1% from a year ago and that this was close to a final tally for our semester credit hour generation. I subsequently asked the chairs to provide Jeremy and Hope a representative to the Retention committee for this year. I also reminded the chairs that October 1st was the deadline to submit any sabbatical EC approved request.

After this, Jeremy gave an update on the enrollment management work. He showed the template being used to help with program costing. Liz Drame asked about recruiting efforts and how effective they are. Jeremy shared that most of our recruitment efforts are done electronically and that our website is the most effective recruiting tool.

The last item on the agenda was to discuss who should be alerted when student complaints are brought forth. It was determined that it depended on the issue and the people involved.

Dinner with Provost and Deans from UW-Parkside and UW-Whitewater

On Tuesday evening, the Dev Venugopalan and I attended a dinner in Racine with Provosts and Deans from UW-Parkside and UW-Whitewater. The purpose of the dinner was to talk about ways our institutions can collaborate through online or zoom methods to counteract low enrollment programs and take advantage of each institution’s faculty expertise in respective areas.

Central City CyberSchool Board Meeting

On Wednesday afternoon, I attended the Central City CyberSchool board meeting. They are planning to start 9th graders next fall replicating a program called P-Tech that started in 2011 in New York City. They now have 100 schools in urban environments across the country. P-Tech was started in partnership with IBM and now partners with a number of technology oriented businesses.

Next Door Foundation Board Meeting

On Thursday morning, I called in to the Next Door Foundation board meeting. It was a typical board meeting. Next Door is having some challenges with enrollment, especially for the older kids 4-5 year old’s. Some of it is due to competition from other schools that require students to enroll in their early childhood program if they want to move into their elementary K-8 program. Another challenge is staff turnover and this is primarily due to compensation. These are sticky issues as the Board and leadership want to do more, but we are limited by our available resources.

Male Allies and Advocates Training Workshop

Right after the Next Door meeting, I walked to the library for the Male Allies and Advocates training workshop in the 4th floor conference room. The workshop was informative and I look forward to continuing the dialogue with my colleagues across campus. When I receive the powerpoint presentation, I will share it with the SOE. There are some interesting links I want to check out.

Monthly Meeting with New and Junior Faculty

On Friday afternoon, I met with the new and junior faculty. Sarah Osborne talked to the group about what she does to support faculty in pursuing external funding. Afterwards, we took a walking tour to visit the multicultural centers in Bolton and LGBT Resource Center in the Union before walking by Mitchell Hall to show where the Office of Research is located.

Meeting with University Marketing Team

Following the meeting with the new and junior faculty, Jeremy Page, Nicole Schanen, and I met with the University Marketing team consisting of Tom Luljak, Michelle Johnson, Mary Baylor, Tina Keller, Mark Jacobson, and Linda Bettler. They shared the services that university relations and marketing provides to the campus. One of the things they asked us to do is encourage our faculty and staff to use their social media to push out stories about the School of Education and UWM. This is one of the best ways to penetrate the market and increase our visibility within the community.


Rob Longwell-Grice is the SOE’s campaign representative. This year’s SECC campaign starts on Monday, October 8th and ends on November 16th. The 2018 Milwaukee Partners in Giving/State and University Employees Combined Giving Campaign (SECC) campaign is ready to again help our Milwaukee community. Last year, UWM’s portion of the campaign raised more than $110,000 thanks to contributions from over 250 employees and retirees. Click here. Online giving is live now.

The goal this year is to raise $120,000 from 300 employees and Retirees! Postcards will be sent to all campus addresses and a faculty/staff email will be distributed at or before October 8. Posters will be hung throughout the building as well, and periodic reminders will be sent out during the campaign. You can find more information about the campaign at this website:

The School of Education, together with the College of Health Science, and the Helen Bader School of Social Welfare will be hosting an Enderis Hall Bake Sale in late October to raise funds for the campaign. If you would like to bake something for the event, or spend some time staffing the table, let Rob Longwell-Grice, SECC liaison for SOE know.


This past week, you received a message about an upcoming annual security awareness training. You will be receiving another message with information to log-in to take the 90 minute training entitled, “Checkpoint: Data Security & Privacy.” Training must be completed by October 31, 2018.


This past week, you received a message from Chancellor Mone about UWM Guiding Values. I encourage you to review, but more importantly, live these guiding values through your actions.


This past week, I was informed that Tonya Adair, Chief Academic Officer for MPS is moving out of state and will be resigning her position as of October 5th. I want to thank you Tonya for her work on the School of Education Board of Visitors as well as her contributions to help improve student outcomes in MPS. She will be missed.


I was recently informed that SOE chapter alumni leader, Emily Robertson has been named to the UWM Board of Visitors. Emily is a staunch advocate for UWM ‘s SOE and I am pleased the Chancellor offered her a position on the UWM Board of Visitors. We are so fortunate to have alums like Emily Robertson to support the School of Education.


The School of Education has been asked to have all faculty and staff who were 1st generation college achievers to complete this online survey. Please help the campus by completing the survey if you were a 1st generation college graduate. For more information, please contact Mai Yer Yang, Interim Director of the Inclusive Excellence Center.


The Interdisciplinary Technology Instruction Program for Individualized Technology Implementation Planning (ITIP2) project team received official notice of funding from the Office of Special Education Programs for a 5-year $1,250,000 grant. The project team reflects interdisciplinary collaboration and includes Roger Smith (PI), Michelle Silverman, and Denis Tomashek from Occupational Sciences and Technology; Sara Jozwik from the Department of Teaching and Learning; Shelley Lund from Communication Sciences and Disorders; and Victoria Moerchen from Kinesiology-Integrated Health Care and Performance. The ITIP2 project is designed to prepare special education and related service personnel to deploy the power of Assistive Technology and Universal Design through team-based, differentiated instruction and intensive individualized practices.


  • October 13th – Panther Prowl, 10:00 am in front of Enderis Hall