Alan’s Weekly September 17th, 2018

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Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of September 10, 2018, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 3 in net admissions (down 6 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 11 in net admissions (down 16 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is down 50 in admissions (down 7 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G) – down 64 in admissions (down 29 in applications)

2018 Fall semester credit hours signed up for is down 1.4% point in time from 2017.


This week I had regular meetings with the Katie Sage, Kelsey Autin, Sara Jozwik, Aaron Schutz, and the Deans.

M3 Steering Committee Meeting

On Monday morning, I attended the M3 monthly steering committee meeting. Each of the five goal groups gave updated records on initiatives they are working on. There are plans for a big community meeting on Wednesday, January 9th where the dashboard metrics will be shared illustrating the progress on M3 initiatives.

Dean Provost Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Deans met with the Provost for our bi-weekly meeting. Nadya Fouad shared information on the upcoming Male Allies and Advocates Workshop. She encouraged all the Deans to ask their male faculty and staff members to participate (more information is below on registering for the workshop). She also shared that the Ombuds Council is looking to expand and encouraged Deans to submit names for consideration.

Afterwards, Nancy Nelson and Scott Emmons shared personal antidotes about their background as a means of getting to know each other better. After this, Ray Fleming, Interim Dean of the College of Health Sciences led a brief session on resiliency and its implications for leadership.

Drew Knab gave the Deans an overview of the new budget model and its rollout. It will be rolled out in FY20 as a pilot and then in FY21 as a functioning budget system.

At the end of the meeting, the Provost clarified that school goals for achieving an outstanding learning environment and research are due on January 31, 2019. There are 24 metrics, 16 which are standardized across the system and 8 others that UWM added. These performance metrics will have funding implications for institutions.

Charter School Advisory Committee Meeting

After lunch on Tuesday, I attended the charter school advisory committee meeting. Adrienne Woods gave an update on the new schools and leaders. Rocketship has two schools under UWM’s charter authority now, one on the northside and one on the southside. After this, Nicole Beier provided an overview of MAP scores for all of UWM’s charter schools for reading and math. Following this, Diana Borders illustrated the Office of Charter Schools financial dashboard and its capabilities.

The remainder of the meeting was spent on determining availability for reviewing charter schools this year. There are six schools up for renewals and one for review.

ISS Update Meeting

On Wednesday morning, Hope Longwell-Grice, Jessica Russell and I met with the Integrated Shared Services representatives to get an update on the ISS implementation. We had a productive discussion about the ISS. Overall, it is working well as people are adjusting to their new roles. There are a few unresolved issues that we are collaboratively working together to address and I feel confident that things will work well over time.

Milwaukee Education Research Alliance (MERA)

After lunch on Wednesday, I drove to MPS for a MERA meeting with Kelsey Autin, Sara Jozwik, and Rod Whiteman. Nicholas Husbye and Katie Sage joined us at the meeting as a means of learning what research interests are available in MPS and the process for gaining access and approval. Marc Sanders hosted the meeting. It was a very productive meeting and I think everyone walked away with potential ideas for working together.

Staff Advisory Committee Meeting

On Thursday morning, I attended the Staff Advisory committee meeting. Ryan Mason presided as the new chair of the committee. The committee membership is Tyree Bolden, Dario Elia, Allee Hochmuth, Jen Knackert, Krissy Lize, Ryan Mason, Sarah Osborne, and Mary Stone. At the next meeting, a vice chair will be selected. I gave a brief update on the enrollment status and encouraged everyone to attend the All School meeting. The committee is going to focus on professional development opportunities for the staff as well as ways to contribute to recruitment and retention efforts. Meetings will be held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 11:00 am.

All School Meeting

After lunch on Thursday, the SOE All School meeting was held. The Provost shared a number of updates involving performance based funding to the new budget model to enrollment information. Afterwards, Jeremy Page shared Fall 2018 enrollment data for the SOE. He subsequently shared the various strategic action plans the School is undertaking. And last of all, he shared the new video that was facilitated by Nicole Schanen and Rob Longwell-Grice. Here is the link to it. Following Jeremy, Jessica Russell gave a budget update. She shared that the SOE’s budget is doing better over the past year, however, the key will be spring enrollments.

After Jessica’s presentation, Hope welcomed the new faculty – Kelsey Autin from Counseling; Nicholas Husbye from MCEA in Teaching and Learning; Sara Jozwik from MCEA Special Education in Teaching and Learning; Rod Whiteman from Administrative Leadership; and Katie Sage from School Psychology. Subsequently, Hope recognized the department chairs for this coming year (Simone Conceicao for Administrative Leadership, Aaron Schutz from Educational Policy and Community Studies, Stephen Wester from Educational Psychology, and co-chairs Nancy File and Liz Drame from Teaching and Learning) and the outgoing chairs (Michael Bonds from Educational Policy and Community Studies, Nadya Fouad from Educational Psychology, and Mike Steele from Curriculum and Instruction). After this recognition, Marika Kovacs-Houlihan provided information and a flowchart for requesting an interpreter when interacting with one of our deaf colleagues.


I encourage all male faculty and staff members to sign up for one of three upcoming workshops on Thursday, September 27th and/or Friday, September 28th. Here is the link to sign up for the workshop.


Simone Conceicao was recently informed that she will be inducted into the International Adult and Continuing Education Hall of Fame (ACEHOF). This is the same organization Larry Martin was inducted into the Hall of Fame three years ago. The induction ceremony will be in November in New Orleans. Congratulations Simone on this great honor and recognition by your peers.


Congratulations to Aaron Schutz. He was elected by his peers to be the chair for the Department of Educational Policy and Community Studies. Aaron replaces Michael Bonds who retired before the semester began.


I want to congratulate Christie Peters for agreeing to assume the Interim Director for the Office of Clinical Experiences. Christie has graciously stepped up to fill in this role as Dr. Kristen Taylor has left the SoE. She is joining the team of Kim Jacobson, Corby Anderson and Amy Gutowski. Christie will be completing the tasks that Kristen handled. We will be initiating a search to fill the role on a permanent basis over the coming semester.


State Superintendent Tony Evers is reserving a spot for an individual from UWM’s School of Education to serve on the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council for Children who are Blind and Visually Impaired. The 17-member Council advises the state superintendent on statewide activities that will benefit students who are blind or visually impaired; makes recommendations for improvements in services provided by the Wisconsin Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired; and proposes ways to improve the preparation of teachers and staff and coordination between the department and other agencies that offer services to the visually impaired. Members serve a 3-year term and meet 3-4 times a year in Madison, Milwaukee, or Janesville. If you have an interest on serving on this committee, please contact Hope Longwell-Grice.


Stephen Wester shared the following sad news about Dr. Anita Zeidler’s passing. Dr. Zeidler was an icon and civic leader in Milwaukee. Best known as the daughter of legendary Milwaukee mayor Frank Zeidler, she was deeply devoted to education, the development of civic leaders, and labor–continuing to work at one of her favorite events, the Milwaukee Labor Day Parade, up to the time of her passing. Dr. Zeidler was a board member of the Frank Zeidler Center for Public Discussion, vice-president of the United Nations Association-Greater Milwaukee, and taught courses in the Learning & Development program on cognition, motivation, and learning for 25 years, inspiring hundreds of teachers, counselors, administrators, and psychologists in training.

She will be deeply missed by faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Educational Psychology. An obituary and information about her service are forthcoming, but endless tributes to Dr. Zeidler can be found online:


  • October 13th – Panther Prowl, 10:00 am in front of Enderis Hall