Alan’s Weekly June 11th, 2018

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There were no budget updates other than what appears below in the Deans and Chairs meeting.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of June 4, 2018, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is up 5 in net admissions (down 2 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 24 in net admissions (down 26 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is down 25 in admissions (up 12 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)down 44 in admissions (down 16 in applications)

2018 Summer semester credit hours signed up for is up 12.5% point in time from 2017.

2018 Fall semester credit hours signed up for is down 2.7% point in time from 2017.


This week I had regular meetings with Pat Borger, and my weekly meeting with the Deans.

Meet and Greet Reception for Dr. Keith Posley

On Monday afternoon, the School of Education hosted a “Meet and Greet” reception for new interim MPS Superintendent, Dr. Keith Posley. I am hopeful we can build a stronger and more impactful partnership with MPS as we move forward. Dr. Posley shared his thoughts for where he hopes to take MPS in the coming year. I believe everyone was impressed by his commitment to improving the learning and academic achievement of MPS students. He expressed a lot of interest in developing impactful partnerships with the School of Education. I will be following up with him later this summer. We are already working on a research practice partnership and our Office of Clinical Experiences works closely with MPS. Our hopes are to enhance these relationships and create others where win-win opportunities present themselves.

During his visit, Dr. Posley was able to renew some old acquaintances’ with Adrienne Woods, Kathy Berry, Jim Hill, April Holland, Leigh Wallace, and Kristen Taylor and meet a number of new people from the SOE. Here are a few pictures from Dr. Posley’s visit.

MPS Superintendent, Dr. Keith Posley with SOE faculty and staff members at a meet and greet party.

Deans and Chairs Meeting

On Tuesday morning, the Deans and Chairs held their regular bi-weekly meeting. Jessica and I gave a budget update. Given our current predicament and the SPC budget charge to us, I am putting on hold the hiring of non-revenue generating graduate assistants until later in the summer. Jessica and I are also putting together a list of things we may have to implement in order to address our budget challenges. I am trying to protect anything that has direct implications for students and classrooms as a guiding principle. As I have shared in the past, we have very little to cut that won’t impact operations in some manner. Our best strategy to stem the enrollment decline and budget challenges is to increase retention of current students and be more effective in yielding new students.

Afterwards, Hope Longwell-Grice gave an update on the Institute for Urban Education. Hope and Linda Post worked with Barbara Bales to develop a new proposal for the IUE. Assuming it is approved by UW System, a search for a new Director will begin this summer with hopes of on-boarding this person by the end of summer or beginning of fall.

I gave a brief update on the Grow your Own program and shared with the chairs that the Provost will be encouraging them at their Chair retreat in August to develop a means for creating differentiated workload to foster research productivity.

The next item on the agenda was a discussion from the chairs on the Teaching and Learning proposal and in particular, the leadership model for the new department. It was a lively, but very productive conversation and it gave me some good insights to consider. When I get APBC’s input, I will take it all under consideration prior to making a decision in July.

The last item on the agenda was an ISS update from Jessica Russell. The ISS protocol hub is launching on Monday, June 11th. Several people from BATO (Erica Yewlett, Lauren and Chris Cigale) and administrative support (Donna Boxhorn) are moving to Engelmann Hall, although their work responsibilities will continue as is for the time being. Until further notice, you will contact the same people in BATO or administrative support at their new location for the same functions they were performing before the physical move to Engelmann. As Jarad Parker, ISS Hub Manager shared in an e-mail to me and the affected individuals, “While individuals will be moving into new spaces, the work they process and complete will not change. Any process changes will be communicated in a separate communication with specific instructions regarding WHAT will be changing, HOW it will be changing, and WHEN it will be changing.”

Staff Appreciation Luncheon

On Wednesday, the Deans sponsored the Staff Appreciation Luncheon on the 5th floor. It was a small way of expressing our appreciation to our great staff and all they do for the School of Education. They do more with less, so I appreciate everything our staff does to stay positive and focused on helping our students and faculty be successful. I marvel at our staff and they give me hope and energy to move forward despite our budget challenges. Thank you SOE staff!

UW Regents Meeting

On Thursday and Friday, I attended portions of the UW Regents meeting including having lunch and breakfast with the Regents on Thursday midday and Friday morning. In addition, I attended the Education Committee meeting on Thursday morning where the Regents on the committee were very interested in learning more about teacher education and the persistent enrollment decline since 2011. UWM Provost Johannes Britz along with three other UW Provosts presented their Task Force work to the Regents on Schools of Education and their challenges, especially with the teacher pipeline. Further work will continue on this issue at the August Regents meeting. The UW Deans and Directors are scheduled to participate in the August meeting.

After lunch on Thursday, I attended Mark Mone’s presentation to the Regents about UWM. Chancellor Mone made a presentation entitled, “Principles, Progress, and Partnerships.” He highlighted what UWM is doing to create great learning environments for our students, how our research is impactful, and all the work we are engaging to better our community including the numerous partnerships with a variety of other UW institutions as well as businesses.

On Friday, I attended a breakfast with the Regents, Chancellors, Provosts, and UWM leaders. It was very informal and I talked to President Cross and Regent Tyler. It was a productive conversation and I hope it leads to future support and understanding of the challenges facing schools of education.


Tom Scott shared with me that two of the Early Adolescence/Adolescence English students received recognition from the Wisconsin Council of Teachers of English. Marjorie Elizabeth Struck (Bradley Tech) was selected as Outstanding Student Teacher of the Year and Jesse Martin (James Madison) as its Outstanding First Year Teacher of the Year. It is always nice to learn when our current and recent past students are recognized for their outstanding achievements as teachers.


UWM’s Human Resources created a Pay Plan frequently asked questions. Here is the link.


Congratulations to the School of Education faculty members whose promotions were formally approved at the Board of Regents meeting in Milwaukee June 7 and 8. They are:

Elise Frattura, who was promoted from associate professor to professor in the Department of Exceptional Education;

Laura Owens, who was promoted from associate professor to professor in the Department of Exceptional Education;

Michael Steele, who was promoted from associate professor to professor in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction;

Chris Larson, who was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology;

Jacquelyn Nguyen, who was promoted from assistant professor to associate professor in the Department of Educational Psychology.


  • June 23rd – Urban Autism Summit 2018, Saturday, 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, Penfield Montessori Academy
  • July 26th – SOE Alumni/Faculty/Staff Picnic, Grassy area between Enderis/Chapman Halls starting at 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Food will be provided. You must rsvp your attendance. Information forthcoming.
  • September 13th – All School meeting, 1:00 pm at 4th floor Library Conference room
  • October 13th – Panther Prowl, 10:00 am in front of Enderis Hall