Alan’s Weekly March 26th, 2018

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There were no budget updates from this past week.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of March 19, 2018, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 9 in net admissions (up 2 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 17 in net admissions (down 28 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is up 49 in admissions (up 24 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)up 23 in admissions (down 2 in applications)


This week I had regular monthly meetings with Mike Steele, Liz Drame, Chancellor, Nadya Fouad, Jeremy Page, Kathy Quirk, and my weekly meeting with the Deans.

Deans Provost Meeting

On Tuesday morning, I attended the Deans meeting with the Provost. Seth Zlotocha and his team presented to the Deans the new online undergraduate and graduate catalog system. It is a vast improvement over the previous version. After Seth’s presentation, Kris O’Connor from the University Committee and the Provost led a discussion on differentiated workload.

Staff Advisory Council Meeting

Following the Provost meeting, I attended the Staff Advisory Council meeting. I gave a few updates and answered some questions from the group. The Council decided to pursue a professional development opportunity involving change management. They are looking at May 4th as a possible date for holding this session from 9am to 11am. Further details will be coming from Nicole Beier.

Ryan Mason informed everyone on Thursday, April 12th, there will be a tornado drill at 1pm. The staff newsletter will be forthcoming in the near future along with a call for volunteers to serve on the council starting in June 2018.

ISS Implementation Meeting

On Wednesday afternoon, Hope Longwell-Grice and I met with the ISS leadership team to learn about the ISS staffing plan. The plan is well thought out and everything is progressing along with an anticipated launch date of June 2018. The ISS leadership team will be having conversations with affected staff in the near future.

Shared Office for Administration of Research (SOAR) Meeting

On Friday morning, I attended a meeting of SOAR. SOAR is a collaboration between HBSSW, CHS, ZSPH, and the CON to provide research infrastructure and support. Without an Associate Dean for Research, I am exploring whether joining SOAR would be a good opportunity for the SOE to support faculty who are pursuing external funding opportunities. I am hoping it may spur cross-disciplinary research opportunities with colleagues in other schools/colleges.


This week I am featuring Dr. Sara Jozwik, new assistant professor in exceptional education.

Exceptional Education faculty member Dr. Sara Jozwik.

My home city is full of wins. For example, Chicago is known for its wind. In addition, the twinkieTM was invented by Chicagoan J. Dewar. Finally, in my lifetime, winning memories spring from mention of years like 1986 (Bears), 2005 (White Sox), or 2010/2013/2015 (Chicago Blackhawks). For most of my life, I have lived in Chicago, Illinois. For all of my life, my family has kindly suffered along with my word play. Among the fondest win I can think of, Chicago is where I met my husband, Corey. He is originally from Texas but arrived in Chicago with plans of earning a PhD in counseling psychology from Loyola University. As it turns out, he earned his degree and met me. We have two daughters, ages 3 and 13. The decade age-gap keeps our perspectives balanced and our calendars busy! My younger daughter, Liliana, is interested in pretty much anything that her older sister does. My older daughter, Michelle, is actively involved in cross-country and track. In fact, running is a part of each of our lives. As a family, we enjoy beating our own personal records (or sometimes just finishing standing)! More than a few family vacations have been planned around marathons or 10K races (e.g., Big Sur and Dallas). Therefore, you could say we are often running!

One member of our family does not say a whole lot about bad puns. Clover is our 5-year old dachshund. He earned his name from my older daughter, who observed that he is a “lover” of everyone he “sees.” This turned into C-lover and later became just Clover. In addition to giving love, he has been known to stir up trouble. Dachshunds were bred to hunt badgers and rabbits. On a typical day, this means that you can find him somewhere in our house buried under piles of blankets. On an atypical day, such as one last summer, he is not so easy to find. After a frantic search, we concluded that he had burrowed underneath the shed in the backyard, where he was stuck, quietly yelping. Our local fire department, in collaboration with animal control, devised a valiant rescue plan. Thankfully, today we have a whole Clover and a partially busted shed. Clover appreciates running but seems to have low aspirations when it comes to participating in races himself. We are hoping, one day, to avenge a win at the Dheinsville Dachshund Dash Weiner Races. For many winning reasons, we are excited to live in Milwaukee and become part of the Panther family.


UWM recently sponsored an event with UWM Distinguished Professors using Pecha Kucha style of presentation. This is an interesting presentation style using 20 slides for 20 seconds each (total of 6 minutes, 40 seconds). It keeps presentations concise, fast paced, and focused. I was asked to share this information from Bob Greenstreet, Dean of SARUP, who helped organized the effort with the Distinguished Professors. Future events will be organized and if you are interested in presenting something, please contact Dean Greenstreet.


The Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee (EDGM), a group representing the nine institutions in the region that prepare teachers, will again recognize outstanding professional educators who have devoted their careers to fostering the learning and development of students in the Milwaukee area.

Our 2018 institutional hosts, Cardinal Stritch University and Wisconsin Lutheran College, along with the former Faye McBeath Foundation, will honor educators who are doing exemplary work in the area of Special Education. The awards will be presented at our annual event entitled Celebrate Teachers and Teaching. Special education teachers may be nominated in one of two categories: Early Career (less than three years of experience) or Advanced Career (three or more years of experience.)

Please submit your nomination on or before April 23, 2018 at the CT&T website.

All nominees who complete the application process will be celebrated, and the winners in each category will be announced at the ceremony which will be held on October, 10, 2018 at Cardinal Stritch University’s Kliebhan Conference Center located within Bonaventure Hall.


  • May 10th – Spring All School Meeting starts at 1:00 pm in the 4th floor Library conference room
  • May 11th – Retention Summit at Zilber School of Public Health from 1:00 – 4:00 pm

For faculty assistance and support, check the SOE Administrative Support Dashboard.