Alan’s Weekly February 5th, 2018

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As you see below, while our applications and admissions are generally trending upward for Fall 2018, our Spring 2018 semester credit hour generation is trending downward. This is a concern we must address. I will be charging the chairs at our next Deans and Chairs meeting with coming up with a strategic enrollment plan for each program within their departments by the end of the summer. Jeremy Page will provide support through his expertise on strategic enrollment management and his involvement with the Chancellor Enrollment Management Action Team (CEMAT).


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of January 29, 2018, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is up 18 in net admissions (up 19 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 3 in net admissions (up 1 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is up 20 in admissions (up 45 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)up 35 in admissions (up 65 in applications)

Spring 2018 semester credit hour generation (point in time from last year) – 2.8%


This week I had regular monthly meetings with Chancellor and Provost, Provost, Adrienne Woods, Curriculum and Instruction, and my regular weekly meeting with the Deans. On Thursday, Krissy Lize shadowed me for the entire day to get a sense of what a day in the life of a Dean is like as part of her leadership development program.

Search Interviews Continue

This week, I met with the 1st Counseling finalist, Alexander Tatum on Monday morning. On Tuesday morning, I met with the 2nd ExEd finalist, Emily Sartini. On Wednesday, I met with the 2nd MCEA finalist, Amy Johnson Lachuk, and on Thursday, I met with the 3rd and last ExEd finalist, Jody Siker.

On Tuesday, the Administrative Leadership search successfully concluded with Dr. Rod Whiteman agreeing to join the SOE as an Assistant Professor in K-12 Leadership. Dr. Whiteman comes to UWM from Indiana University where he graduated with his Ph.D. in 2017. He has been serving this year as a post-doc, working on educational policy. He has an impressive scholarly record and the Department of Administrative Leadership is happy to have him joining them this fall. Kathy Quirk will be interviewing each new faculty member, so that everyone in the SOE gets to know them.

Last of all, on Thursday, I learned that we officially hired a new advisor, Tyree Bolden from UW-Madison. Tyree will be starting on February 20th.

Academic Leadership Council (ALC) Meeting

On Tuesday afternoon, I attended the ALC meeting. The first thing announced was an upcoming All Staff Meeting by Stan Yasaitis, Chair of the University Staff Council. It will be on Friday, March 9th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in Lubar N140. The agenda will focus on the pay plan, UWM/UW-Colleges Restructuring, and University Staff elections and governance.

Following Stan’s announcement, Jen Murray and Jeff Guenther along with five students provided an update on the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for LGBTQ+ Advocacy focused training and ways faculty and staff can make LGBTQ+ students feel more welcome. Department training is available (contact Jen Murray for details).

Afterwards, we were given an update on the UW 2-year colleges adjoining with UWM. Ron Perez and Paula Rhyner facilitated a discussion with Jackie Joseph-Silverstein (Regional Executive Officer and Dean for the SE Region and Stephen Schmid (Regional Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Campus Administrators for UW-Waukesha). The coordinating group has created seven functional teams to address governance, academic affairs, Higher Learning Commission Accreditation, enrollment management, student affairs, finance and operations, and communication and external relations issues. Each functional team is conducting a number of meetings with representatives from UWM, UW-Waukesha, and UW-Washington County and making progress towards a launch date of July 1st. This is a very complex and challenging development that will take time to work out all the details. I learned a lot about the UW Waukesha and Washington County and their faculty and instructional staff and how they are hired and retained through tenure/promotion.

Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee Meeting

After meeting with the 2nd MCEA finalist on Wednesday early afternoon, I attended the Faculty Assembly Coordinating Committee meeting. The first item was to elect a new chair as Nancy File had agreed to serve as chair only during the fall semester. Amy Otis-Wilborn agreed to serve as Chair for the rest of the spring semester. There was an extensive discussion on retention and recruiting efforts as it impacts our enrollment. The question of what role should faculty play in recruitment also came up during the discussion. These along with our marketing efforts will be on the Faculty Assembly agenda for the next meeting.

M3 Meetings

On Thursday afternoon, I participated in several M3 meetings in Chapman Hall. Three goal groups reported their progress on three initiatives including Learning Journeys, M3 Parent Institute, and Partnership for Academic Literacies in Science (PALS). Darienne Driver, Vicki Martin, and Mark Mone facilitated a discussion reviewing and finalizing M3 metrics/dashboard. Ruth Maegli was recognized for her contributions to M3 and her leadership in MPS. Ruth will be retiring on March 23rd after a long career as a teacher, principal, chief innovation officer, and as chief academic officer in MPS.

UWM Basketball Pre-Game Reception

On Friday evening, we hosted a pre-game reception prior to the men’s basketball against UW-Green Bay. Approximately 108 people attended the event. This is more than double the attendance from last year and it was great to engage with SOE alumni, external community members, and SOE faculty and staff. This is one effort we are continuing to support to better engage our alumni and connect them to our faculty and staff. I want to thank Carol Wacker for coordinating this event. I also want to thank Rob Longwell-Grice, Hillary Vara, and Alexandra Maier for supporting the event. In addition, we won the game, 76-58 over UW-Green Bay. During the 1st half at the first timeout, Ray Scolavino was honored at half court for his 30 years of service as the official scorekeeper for Panther Men’s Basketball games. It was great to see Ray get this recognition from everyone in the arena. Ray, another 30 years, right? 🙂


Congratulations to Karen Stoiber and her colleague for being awarded a $50,000 multidisciplinary grant for the project titled “Optimizing Educational Outcomes for Patients with Congenital Heart Disease: School Intervention as a Component of Comprehensive Follow-up Care.” The grant was developed in collaboration with Dr. Cheryl Brosig of the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW). Funding for the project comes from Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of MCW.

Irma Eloff, who spent her sabbatical at UWM in fall 2016 with Educational Psychology from the University of Pretoria shared her finished co-edited book on “Understanding Educational Psychology.” Congratulations Irma!


I am working with Karen Stoiber, Chair of the Research Committee to facilitate another round of a RFP for research support to be used during the 2018/19 academic year. My hope is we will complete this process before the end of the spring semester, so that we can plan for the 2018/19 academic year. The Provost has committed $50,000 to support this fund to support research.


As the Super Bowl just ended this past Sunday, Rob Longwell-Grice shared with me a commercial competition on CBS58 where the SOE came in 2nd place a few years ago. You can watch the 30 second clip here. Congratulations to our ASL folks for producing this. Looks like they had a lot of fun doing it.


This past week I learned that Meghan Cigale from BATO is leaving UWM to accept a job at UW-Madison starting February 19th. I want to thank Meghan for her work in handling reimbursements and travel related items. We wish you all the best Meghan!


  • May 10th – Spring All School Meeting starts at 1:00 pm in the 4th floor Library conference room

For faculty assistance and support, check the SOE Administrative Support Dashboard.