Alan’s Weekly October 30th, 2017

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There was no budget update from this past week.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2018 semester as of October 23, 2017, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 11 in net admissions (up 29 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is down 1 in net admissions (down 5 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is up 6 in admissions (up 21 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)down 6 in admissions (up 45 in applications)


This week I had regular monthly meetings with Hope Longwell-Grice, Stephen Wester, and my regular weekly meeting with the Deans.

Deans Meeting with the Provost

On Tuesday morning, the Deans met with the Provost for our bi-weekly meeting. We discussed the pay plan and learned that it will be coming out soon as the details are being finalized. Michael Doylen shared how more UWM courses are using open source textbooks available online, which is saving students incredible amounts of money. Here is a link to see what is available in your area. Mark Harris in research has created research metrics for each school and department and will be sharing this with the Deans in the near future. I look forward to reviewing and seeing how we can use this to support UWM’s R1 classification.

Scott Emmons is leading a small group of Deans to determine what professional development opportunities are desired by the Deans. I am looking forward to participating in whatever they put together in January before the semester starts.

Meeting with Provost to discuss Undergraduate Enrollments

Tuesday afternoon, the Provost met with Hope Longwell-Grice, Mike Steele, Liz Drame, Donna Pasternak and myself to discuss ways to improve undergraduate enrollments in our teacher education programs. There were a number of items raised that informed the Provost as he engages in discussions at the System level as well as future meetings involving the teacher pipeline.

Dinner with Education Living Learning Community in Sandberg

On Tuesday evening, I joined Hope Longwell-Grice and Jeremy Page to meet with students in the education living learning community in Sandberg Hall. We did this last year and thought it was a good idea to meet with students. We addressed a variety of questions they had about topics ranging from field experiences to what can one do with an education degree besides teaching. The students came from Green Bay, several were from Illinois, and the rest were from the Greater Milwaukee area.

Celebration of Teachers and Teaching Event

On Thursday evening, I attended the Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee’s (EDGM) Celebration of Teachers and Teaching event at MATC. Andy Choi from WISN 12 served as emcee for the event. This year, we had a keynote speaker, Dr. Dipesh Navsaria, who is a pediatrician at UW-Madison. He spoke about the importance of brain development and social interactions/relationships for infants and young children. I enjoyed Dr. Navsaria’s talk and walked away convinced we have to influence policymakers to invest more in early childhood education as a preventive and proactive way to improve our community’s quality of life. I want to thank Angel Hessel for co-chairing the steering committee and Nancy File for serving as a judge on the awards committee. UWM was well-represented among the nominees and awardees. In particular, April Gagliano won the 2017 Advanced Career Award. She is a proud UWM SOE alum. She is a kindergarten teacher at the MPS Academy of Accelerated Learning.

Jackie Herd-Barber won the 2017 Champion of Education Award. Jackie serves on the UWM SOE Board of Visitors and is one of the most visible community volunteer and education advocate. She volunteers tirelessly 20-30 hours a week at Ralph Metcalfe School, where she mentors both students and parents about educational and career aspirations and attainment. Jackie’s husband, Michael and her sponsor scholarships for numerous students at Metcalfe to achieve their educational goals. Milwaukee and its students are fortunate to have an education champion like Jackie Herd-Barber to push for excellence and to never settle for anything less. She exemplifies how high expectations and excellence, and tough love translate into positive outcomes. I have seen and heard first-hand how Jackie influences young people to make the right choices. This award was well-deserved!

Next year’s theme for the event will focus on special education, so I hope we can once again be well-represented with nominees and awardees.

Celebration of Teachers and Teaching Event, October 2017.

Lunch with German Delegation

On Friday midday, I joined Tatiana Joseph, Jeffrey Hawkins, and Hope Longwell-Grice to have lunch with a delegation from the German Ministry of Education. They were interested in how children of immigrants are educated. Tatiana shared what we do in our world languages and bilingual programs. It was interesting to learn about the German education system and how teachers there are held in high standing and are well compensated according the Hessen Minister of Education.


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I want to congratulate Dian Mitrayani for being awarded the 2017 American Educational Studies Association and Taylor & Francis Past President’s Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Research for her work, Challenging the Memory of Ibuism: Young Women Participation and Leadership in a Children’s Rights Organization in Indonesia.


Congratulations to Mike Steele for being nominated for the Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE) Presidency. Voting is in November and the results will be known in December. I wish Mike all the best in the election. Regardless of the outcome, it is an honor to be considered by your peers for such a prestigious position.


Candance Doerr-Stevens, Tracey Nix, and Joelle Worm (from Peck) received a $35K grant from the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to support community-based mentoring for preservice teachers and early-career teachers. It is a joint school effort (SOE and PSOA). Teachers from both the IUE program and ArtEd program are working with community-based mentors.


The third coffee conversation event will be Wednesday, November 15th from 3:00 – 3:45 pm. You can rsvp your attendance at the following link.


  • January 19th – SOE All School Meeting with Provost, 1:00 – 2:30 pm, TBD
  • May 10th – Spring All School Meeting starts at 1:00 pm in the 4th floor Library conference room

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