Alan’s Weekly September 25th, 2017

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There was no budget update from this past week.


Here are the semester credit hour generation, applications and net admissions data for the Fall 2017 semester as of September 18, 2017, point in time from a year ago.

Undergraduate admissions – SOE is down 17 in net admissions (down 26 in applications)
Transfer admissions – SOE is up 15 in net admissions (down 1 in applications)
Graduate admissions – SOE is up 5 in admissions (up 41 in applications)
Total admissions (UG, T, and G)up 3 in admissions (up 14 in applications)

Our Fall 2017 semester credit hours generation point in time is down -.2%. This is a significant improvement from a year ago when we finished down -6.6%. Everyone’s hard work is paying off. I want to thank everyone for their sacrifice and commitment to improving the School of Education.


This week I had regular monthly meetings with Mike Steele, Jeremy Page, Liz Drame, and Kathy Quirk.


On Monday midday, I attended the APBC meeting. I asked APBC to examine and provide recommendations/options for me to consider on three budget related items: 1) summer compensation for teaching; 2) summer compensation for department chairs; and 3) academic year compensation for department chairs. In addition, APBC already had on their agenda to discuss the differentiated workload and ways to increase student enrollment.

Deans and Chairs Meeting

Tuesday morning, the Deans and Chairs met for our regular meeting. Donna Boxhorn and John Horstman gave an update on the number of copy codes and asked departments to consider reducing the number of copy codes. I followed by providing an update on enrollment, in particular semester credit generation. We are down .2%, which is a drastic improvement from last year. Our graduate and transfer enrollments are up, while our undergraduate enrollment is down. I also shared that I am waiting for Facilities to provide a revised estimate for painting the 3rd, 5th, 6th, and 7th common areas along with similar signage to what is on the 2nd floor. Jessica provided a budget update that was the same as what was shared last week at the All School meeting. She also discussed p-cards and how we might streamline the number of p-cards we have in the SOE.

Barb Daley initiated a discussion on the pay plan implementation. I am awaiting guidance from the Chancellor and Provost. The Chancellor will be announcing further details in the near future. Subsequently, Michael Bonds led a discussion on the impact of having department faculty teach UEDP courses. And finally, Liz Drame initiated a discussion on the centralization report and recommendations. I asked all the Department Chairs to debrief the report and recommendations with their faculty. I had already charged Jeremy Page and Hope Longwell-Grice to debrief the report with their respective staffs.

Staff Advisory Committee Meeting

Following the Deans and Chairs meeting, I attended the Staff Advisory committee meeting. I gave an update on enrollment and budget along with the same information I shared with the Deans and Chairs above. The Staff Advisory committee is interested in seeing if they can become a formal part of the SOE governance and will be exploring this possibility this semester.

ISS Project Meeting

Wednesday morning, I attended the ISS Project meeting along with Dean Kim Litwack from Nursing and Interim Dean Ron Cisler from CHS. We shared our thoughts on the opportunities and ways ISS can improve UWM’s processes and provide higher quality service and professional development/advancement for participants. The meeting was well attended with over 50 people participating. Our own Jessica Russell led the meeting and did a nice job of sharing next steps over the next few months. Jessica and Erica will be extremely busy as they will be part of a team that will be conducting 150 one-hour interviews in October to learn about what people are doing and what responsibilities are in and out of scope for their areas.


On Wednesday midday, I went to MPS along with Karen Stoiber and David Klingbeil to work on a Memorandum of Understanding for the MPS/UWM Research-Practice Partnership. We are calling the research partnership, MERA, which stands for Milwaukee Educational Research Alliance. We agreed that MPS would draft the initial MOU and then share it with us. One of the hopes for the partnership is to develop proposals for IES/NIH/NSF/Foundation funding. We plan to organize a meeting this semester where our faculty will be invited to learn about the research interests of MPS and where we have alignment for pursuing external funding. IES applications are received once a year in August, so we hope to encourage multiple proposal submissions in August 2018.

Appreciation Conversations

On Wednesday afternoon, I participated in the appreciation cookie/coffee/tea conversations held on the 5th floor organized by Corby Anderson and Hope Longwell-Grice. I want to thank them for their idea and efforts. Approximately 25 people participated in four separate conversations. I enjoyed sharing and learning about my group members: Andrea Azarian, Nikki Claas, Leanne Evans, and Mary Walz-Chojnacki. We plan to continue these monthly conversations at varying days/times to accommodate those who were unable to attend during this time frame.

Bradley Tech Education Standards Committee

On Thursday early morning, I chaired the Education Standards Committee meeting at Bradley Tech High School. Bradley Tech’s enrollment has taken a big jump. They were budgeted for 800 students, but have 919 students enrolled as of this week. As a result, the principal is requesting two more teachers, a social studies teacher and another career tech teacher with a background in one of the CTE pathways (plumbing, electrical, masonry, welding, etc.). Bradley Tech is making progress on the academic side by using ALEKS for mathematics support and we are beginning a discussion to support reading/literacy learning. There was also discussion about trying to do research on math/reading interventions and how this might inform the rest of the school district.

Meeting with Chancellor and UW Regents

On Thursday morning, I attended a meeting with the Chancellor, Provost, Sue Weslow, Phyllis King, and UW Regent and Urban League President and CEO, Dr. Eve Hall to discuss two proposals for UW funding. One involves math reform and the other involves a teacher pathway for paraprofessionals in special education designed by Judy Winn. I am very hopeful about our prospects for UW funding in the future, because everyone is concerned about the teacher pipeline challenges Wisconsin is experiencing.

EDGM Meeting

On Friday morning, I attended the Education Deans of Greater Milwaukee meeting at Marquette University. I gave a brief update on the Celebration of Teachers and Teaching event scheduled for Thursday, October 26th at MATC starting at 5:30 pm. You can register for the event here. Afterwards, we discussed micro-credentials and this appears to be catching on with school districts. Only a few of the institutions including UWM are doing anything with micro-credentials (aka, badges). This may be a good opportunity to generate a new revenue stream, especially if school districts reward them.

The Deans then heard a presentation and had a good discussion on personalized learning by Ryan Krohn from CESA #1. He is going to organize a session for higher education faculty to learn more about personalized learning and its implications for preparing new teachers. I will share further details when it is scheduled.

And finally, we discussed the recent education legislation pertaining to teacher education that was passed. We all recognized the challenges it presents to Schools of Education, so we plan to devote future meetings to developing strategies to influence and educate policymakers. At the same time, the Deans all recognize that we cannot do this work alone and be effective, so we must cultivate influencers who can help advocate on our behalf.


  • October 2nd – Sabbatical proposals due to Dean’s office
  • October 7th – Panther Prowl starts at 10:00 am. Register here
  • May 10th – Spring All School Meeting starts at 1:00 pm in the 4th floor Library conference room