The Youth Work Certificate is the first interdisciplinary program for the study of the principles of youth work in the United States.

The program is particularly relevant to students in Social Work, Educational Policy and Community Education, Exceptional Education and Educational Studies. It is ideal for students who want to learn more about adolescence and working with youth in a variety of settings, including large and small community based programs, group homes, foster care and residential treatment centers.

The focus is on youth who are troubled or at high risk, but much of the learning applies to youth in general and younger children as well. The two major benefits are that you:

  • Gain a greater understanding of and skills for working with youth
  • Access opportunities for a fulfilling career in the emerging youth work profession


Note: Students who begin working toward the Certificate early in their coursework usually will be able to fulfill the requirement of their major program without increasing the number of credits needed for graduation.


3 credits – Overview of Child and Youth Care (ED POL/SOC WRK 580)

3 credits – Youth Work Practice (ED POL/SOC WRK 581)

6 credits – Elective Courses in Human Development or Family Work

2-3 credits – Supervised Field Work or Practicum (ED POL 509 (409) or 688). Fieldwork must relate to child or youth care

Core Courses

ED POL 580 or SOC WRK 580: Overview of Child and Youth Care (3 credits)

ED POL 581 or SOC WRK 581: Youth Work Practice (3 credits) ED POL 509 (409) or 688- Supervised Field Work in the area of Child & Youth Care (2-4 credits)

Elective Courses in Human Development or Family Work (6 credits)

ED POL 112: Introduction to Community Education – 3 credits U

ED POL 113: The Milwaukee Community – 3 credits U

ED POL 411: Conflict & Change – 3 credits U

ED POL 460: The Chicano Experience – 3 credits U

ED POL 531: Alternative Schools – 3 credits U/G

ED POL 533: Educating Black Males-Theories, Methods and Strategies – 3 credits U

ED POL 534: The Student at Risk (Causes) – 3 credits U/G

ED POL 535: Educating at Risk Students – 3 credits U/G

ED POL 560: Education & Hispanics – 3 credits U/G

ED PSY 330: Introduction to Learning & Development – 3 credits U

SOCIOL 260: The Family & Intimate Relationships – 3 credits U

SOC WRK 250: Human Behavior & the Social Environment – 3 credits U

SOC WRK 562: Child & Family Services – 2 credits U/G

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Dr. Raquel Farmer-Hinton
Associate Professor

Dr. Florence Johnson
Senior Lecturer

Dr. Julie Kailin
Associate Professor

Dr. Kalyani Rai
Associate Professor

Dr. Marie Sandy
Associate Professor

Dr. Aaron Schutz

Dr. Rajeswari Swaminathan
Associate Professor

Dr. Javier Tapia
Associate Professor

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Senior Lecturer

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Associate Professor

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