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As mentioned above, most SOE programs require successful completion of exams for program admission and program completion. These requirements were establish to ensure that students who complete our programs are eligible for state licensing upon program completion and graduation. The goal is for students to be employable when their training and education has been completed. Some of the exams are listed below:

Core Academic Skills for Educators (CORE)

This test may be taken to satisfy program admission for many of the teacher preparation programs. The three subjects tested in this exam are Reading, Writing & Math.

Praxis II

The Praxis II examines a student’s proficiency in specific content areas.  This exam measures a student’s knowledge of specific subjects that he/she/zie will teach in K–12 settings, as well as setting-specific & general content related to teaching skills.

Wisconsin Foundations of Reading Test (WiFoRT)

A newer exit requirement for teacher preparation programs, the Foundations of Reading test assesses a student’s ability with and comprehension of reading and writing development. The test reflects current reading research and aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA)

This performance-based assessment process was designed by teachers to answer the essential question of whether new teachers are ready for the job. This is a requirement for students close to program completion and requires recordings of students “on the job”.

Educational Interpreter Performance Assessment (EIPA)

This performance-based evaluation is required only for students completing the ASL/English Interpretation Program and is designed to assess an examinee’s ability to successfully interpret in a K-12 setting.

Wisconsin Interpreting & Transliterating Assessment (WITA)

For students completing the ASL/English Interpretation Program who plan to work in the community, this exam is one step in the direction of receiving a restricted license from the Department of Safety & Professional Services.

Licensing, Stipulations, & Renewals

Licensing, Stipulations, & Renewals
Enderis Hall, Room 209
(414) 229-4721

Certification and licensing go hand-in-hand and are not an automatic process. For a professional license to teach or interpret in the state of Wisconsin, license candidates must provide proof of successful completion of a training program in the area of licensure.

For educators, this means all coursework is completed with specific minimum grades or GPA, student teaching is successful and all testing meets the requirements of the license. Advisors work closely with students throughout the program to provide updates along the way and ultimately are the professionals who will verify successful program completion and share that information with the SOE Certification Officer.

For interpreters, this also means that all coursework meets minimal requirements, internship experiences are successfully completed and passing test scores are submitted to the Exceptional Education department.