Microcredential Offerings

Foundation Literacy Microcredential Series

NEW Micro-credential Courses

In 2016, Milwaukee Succeeds was selected to participate in the StriveTogether Accelerator Fund. This three year project was designed to help collective impact partnerships like Milwaukee Succeeds change systems from cradle to career and deliver better results for kids. Milwaukee Succeeds used this opportunity to build support in Milwaukee for a home-grown, evidenced-based early literacy model known as Transformative Reading Instruction. Partners have led work to integrate this model into public, charter, and choice schools through changes to professional development, teacher support, use of data, and alignment of public resources.

At the same time, partners also recognized the opportunity to use what was working in schools to inform how postsecondary institutions were preparing teachers. As a strategic partner in Milwaukee Succeeds, the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee took the initiative to develop a series of microcredentials designed to prepare teachers to more effectively teach literacy in Milwaukee schools. With support from Milwaukee Succeeds and our K12 partners, these microcredentials represent the first steps in “upstream” strategies for improving literacy across the city.

Professional Development Offerings

ACT 31: History, Culture and Sovereignty Rights of Wisconsin Indians

This workshop is designed for those who are seeking initial licensure or certification to comply with Act 31 legislation required by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. This one-day seminar includes minority group relations, and demonstrating knowledge and understanding of the history, culture, and tribal sovereignty of American Indian tribes and bands located in Wisconsin.

Early Reading Empowerment (ERE)

Early Reading Empowerment (ERE) is a two course sequence that prepares expert reading interventionists for kindergarten through second grade. It also has an online option that anyone can take.

Foundations of Reading Test (FoRT)

The Foundations of Reading Test, also known as the FoRT, is designed to assess a teacher’s proficiency and depth of understanding of students’ reading and writing development. The test reflects scientifically based reading research and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin

The Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin is designed to work collaboratively with the Wisconsin mathematics education community. Please check the link above to see the current credit bearing offerings.

Supervision of Student Teaching Candidates Workshops

These workshops are co-sponsored by the UWM Office of Clinical Experiences and The Meemic Foundation. Please check the link above for more information (Note: The workshops are held at various times of the year. If no information is listed on the webpage, it means there are no workshops being held at this time.)

Program Cancellations/Refunds

A full refund is issued to program participants if the School of Continuing Education cancels a program for any reason. Participant withdrawals made at least two weeks (14 days) prior to the start of a program can receive a 100 percent refund. When a participant withdraws less than two weeks prior to the program start, participants may have their fees transferred one time to any currently available program, otherwise participants will receive a refund minus a 20 percent administrative fee. For programs with a fee of $35 or less, no refund will be given, if a participant withdraws within two weeks of the start date. Once a program has begun, refunds are no longer issued.