By the end of your graduate program, you should be able to show what you’ve learned, and your portfolio will ensure that you do just that. The portfolio requirements and process varies depending on your program.

Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration (ACHEA) Portfolio

What’s In A Portfolio?

Introduction: This section provides a brief snapshot of who you are as an educator. Some students write a letter to the reviewers, while others simply write a brief biography.

Resume: This may be included on the page provided, as an attachment, or as both.

Philosophy Statement: This section identifies your core beliefs surrounding administrative leadership and how those connect the six outcomes of your program.

Reflections: Reflections for each individual outcome (compose in the space provided in the template) include:

  • Outcome stated at the top
  • Identification of the artifact with a rationale of why it fits the standard
  • The context of the artifact and the role you played in its development
  • Identification of what you learned and how you will put it into practice as a building administrator

Include the artifact as an attachment. You may use documents, PowerPoint presentations, video clips, etc.

In the ACHEA program, you are required to successively complete the course ADLDSP 886 Developing your ePortfolio in ACHEA. You can register for the course once you have completed 27 credits.


We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with all of the materials pertaining to the ePortfolio process. The earlier you start your ePortfolio, the easier the process will be.


Adult, Continuing, and Higher Education Administration (ACHEA) ePortfolio Guide (PDF)

The ePortfolio webpage includes helpful resources that you can use to complete your ePortfolio.

Due Dates

TermGraduate Student Deadline to File for GraduationePortfolio Submission Materials DueePortfolio Presentation & Oral Exam Dates
Fall 2020Thursday, September 17thFriday, October 30thThursday, November 12th & Friday, November 13th
Spring 2021Saturday, February 6thThursday, April 1stThursday, April 15th & Friday, April 16th

Educational Administration & Supervision Portfolio

The Portfolio

The Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction requires all candidates in professional education programs to develop a portfolio. You can share this e-portfolio with professors, classmates, and other groups for assessment and collaboration. It is designed to be a developmental process and allow you opportunity to reflect on your knowledge, skills and experiences as you move through the program. Use the platform provided in D2L to develop and maintain your portfolio.

Note: Upon completion of coursework required for licensure, all applicants must complete and submit for review an ePortfolio detailing their competencies of the UWM core guiding principles and the UWM-WI state standards for administrators. Two members of the Administrative Leadership faculty will evaluate your ePortfolio during the final semester of your program.


Educational Administration & Supervision Canvas ePortfolio Guide (PDF)

The ePortfolio webpage includes helpful resources that you can use to complete your ePortfolio.

Due Dates

TermGraduate Student Deadline to File for GraduationDeadline date to notify Dept. of Admin Ldsp/Advisor of Intent to CompleteePortfolio Submission Materials DueePortfolio Presentation & Review Dates
SummerJune 1stJune 15thJuly 1stTBD
FallOctober 1stOctober 15thNovember 1stTBD
SpringMarch 1stMarch 15thApril 1stTBD

Portfolio Review Sign-Up Form

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