2021 UWM Research Magazine

2021 UWM Research Magazine cover.

The UWM 2021 annual research magazine is now posted online at UWM Research.

This publication details the work of dozens of faculty members, students and staff. It puts a particular focus on research efforts spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic in the areas of prevention, treatment, education, information, communication and more. Its stories also explore work in each of UWM’s research-conducting schools and colleges across a variety of academic fields.

Two faculty members in the School of Education are among those featured.

Professor Simone Conceição’s work in improving connections for better online education is featured in the section on research efforts related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Her research on how to keep students engaged in virtual learning has proven critically important during the pandemic. (You can read more about her work in a story that will be posted to the School of Education news website this week and printed in the 2021 EdLine magazine later this spring.)

The book Professor Elizabeth Drame co-wrote about children on the autism spectrum is featured on the Books page of the research magazine.

Drame, along with Tara Adams, Veronica R. Nolden and Judy M. Nardi, parents of children on the autism spectrum, wrote “The Resistance, Persistence and Resilience of Black Families Raising Children with Autism.” The book looks at the experiences, challenges and barriers families face. For more about the book, see Raising Black Children With Autism—New Book Offers Academic and Parent View.

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