Declaration of Major


This webpage has some forms that will be useful in processing the information needed to sign you up for an Major or Minor in the UWM Economics Program.

Basic Information

It is easy to sign up to be an undergraduate major or minor in economics, but there are some things that will make the process go more smoothly. The procedure is the same regardless of whether you want to declare a major or minor. Just follow this simple procedure:

  1. Print out the Economics Declaration of Major or Minor Form.
  2. Print out your transcript from PAWS.
  3. Fill out the relevant parts of the “Declaring” form.
  4. Contact an Economics Undergraduate Advisor to set up a meeting to fill out the college forms. (Be sure to bring your transcript with you when you meet with the advisor.)

Research Requirement

If you have misplaced your Undergraduate Research Requirement Form you can print one out from here.