William L. Holahan

Professor Emeritus
 Bolton Hall 848

   Economic Education

   Brief Biography

William L. Holahan Prize for Outstanding Teaching


PhD, Brown University 1974
MA, Brown University 1972
BS, University of Notre Dame 1968

Research Interests

Microeconomic Theory, Industrial Organization, Law and Economics

Teaching as Emeritus Professor

Econ 381 – Honors Seminar: Persuasive Writing for Policy Influence (Spring 2014)

Econ 381 – Honors Seminar: Economic Issues for the 2016 Presidential Election (Fall 2016)

Econ 103 – Principles of Microeconomics (Spring 2013, 2018)

Current Projects

Pricing in Spatial Economics; Pricing of Water; Research on Sports Economics

Selected Publications

“The External Congestion Costs of Differential Vehicle Size,” Journal of Transport Economics and Policy, Vol. 46 (2012), pp.67-78. (with Sara Cosgrove).

“Credible Collusion in a Spatial Economy,” International Economic Review, 44(1), February 2003: 299-312 (with John Gross).

“How to Carve a Medical Degree: Comment,” American Economic Review, 81(4), September 1991: 1015-16 (with Richard Perlman).

“The Welfare Effects of Market Shapes in the Loschian Location Model: Squares vs. Hexagons,” American Economic Review, 71(4), September 1981: 738-46 (with Richard E. Schuler).

“A Theoretical Analysis of Resale Price Maintenance,” Journal of Economic Theory, 21(3), December 1979: 411-20.

“The Welfare Effects of Spatial Price Discrimination”, American Economic Review, June 1975.