Simmaron Research locates R&D to UWM and collaborates with the MIDD

Simmaron Research Inc (SRI), a non-profit organization based in Incline Village, Nevada has recently moved some R&D work to UWM to take advantage of available vivarium space and to collaborate with the MIDD.

SRI finds it roots in the medical practice and leadership of Daniel L. Peterson, M.D., who has been providing clinical care, conducting research, and building a one-of-a-kind biobank for myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) patients spanning almost 40 years. ME/CFS is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by muscle fatigue, pain, dizziness, and brain fog. SRI is collaborating with the MIDD to develop a drug-induced and a transgenic mouse model to understand molecular mechanism of this devastating disease. Their experienced research team will also investigate the mechanism of muscle fatigue in chronic viral disease such as long-haul COVID. SRI’s long-standing collaboration with CLIA-certified Coppe Lab enables them to perform SARS-CoV2 virus inoculation study in mice. Along with UWM, SRI’s team will study therapeutic efficacy of a peptide-based nasal intervention (patented) against COVID-19. A collaboration with MIDD will also benefit SRI to identify biomarkers from SRI’s in-house large biobank of serum, plasma, urine, and CSF samples from hundreds of COVID-19 and ME/CFS patients.  A recent donation by the Foundation Sibylla Hesse will enable us to develop and conduct these studies in a shorter time frame than anticipated.