Ramona Sledge

Multicultural Student Success Coordinator
Black Student Cultural Center

Ramona M. Sledge, “It’s not every day that you find your DREAM job and share your passion for helping students become successful” working here at UWM, I have found my dream job. I can share my passion to help students become successful. I graduated from UWM and I began my career here at UWM twenty-five years ago as a Freshman Academic Advisor in the College of Letters and Science. I later moved to the College of Engineering and Applied Science where I worked as an Academic Advisor. Several years in the College of Engineering and Applied Science, I accepted a position as an Advisor with the Multicultural Student Center as an Advisor. When the Multicultural Student Center transitioned to the Black Cultural Center, I became the Advisor for the center.

Currently, I am a Multicultural Student Success Coordinator in the Black Student Cultural Center. My role as a Multicultural Student Success Coordinator  allows me to me to share my passionate in making sure that students are well connected and well-informed about the campus regarding matters that pertain to them. For many years, I have coordinated the Making the Connections program giving students, and their parents a tour of the campus, prior to the start of the semester to connect students to important departments and resources on campus so that students get acclimated and are aware of the resources available to them.