Summer Dining

Summer 2023 Dining Services

*Please note, due to the Union renovation project, catering and camp dining options may be limited during the summer of 2023

Meal Plan

The plan outlined below is managed by UWM restaurant operations. When signing up for this plan, the client can enjoy the discounted rates laid out in the plan. Menus are made by our Culinary Institute of America (CIA) certified executive chef and produced by our award-winning culinary team.


If your group is booking a catered event on a specific date, please contact our UWM catering team to discuss availability: 414-229-3733 or

Information regarding catering services

Dietary Accommodations

Restaurant operations works to ensure that dietary needs are met. If a participant requires specific dietary accommodations (e.g. for medical reasons or cultural considerations), please ask them to submit the Food Allergy & Special Dietary Needs Request Form no less than 4 weeks prior to check-in. This time is essential for our operation and kitchen teams to accommodate the request.

All submissions received after the 4-week window are handled on a case-by-case basis to determine achievability.

If you or any of the camp/event participants have questions related to dietary accommodations options, please contact Brian Vetter,, 414-229-2525

For additional questions, please contact Regina Ellingson,, 414-251-9182.

Summer 2023 Dining Schedule

Group rates for individual meals

All meals served in the Sandburg café will be served as an “all you care to eat” service. Everyone will have one entry into the café (no carry-outs) for each meal that has been pre-purchased. Guests will be provided with a designated meal FOB at check-in. This FOB will allow the guest to swipe into the café at the correct designated mealtime for one entry to the Café serving area. Re-entry is not allowed. The total number of meals will be tracked by FOB swipe and restaurant operations staff.

To register for this service, the camp/event coordinator (client) must provide to UWM Dining:

  • The guaranteed meal period(s) and dates no less than 30 business days prior to arrival.
  • Provide documentation of tax-exempt status no less than 30 business days prior to check in.
  • The guaranteed meal period(s).
  • The estimated guest count 10 business days prior to arrival.
  • Final guaranteed numbers 5 business days prior to arrival.

The client will be charged the Total Number Of Meals, determined by the larger of; final actual meals or final guaranteed number of meals. Overage: Meals used above the Total Number of Meals will be charged at 1.5 x per meal rate. Carry Out: Management reserves the right to limit and/or charge amounts above and beyond the normal dining experience for items carried out. Wisconsin & Milwaukee County Sales Tax of 6% will be added to all meal charges, unless the client/group is tax exempt.

Price (Per Meal) Base Rate Retail Rate (w/tax)
Breakfast $14.00 $14.84
Lunch $15.00 $15.90
Dinner $15.00 $15.90
All Day (B, L&D) $40.00 $42.40

Menus available upon request and are subject to change.

Conference Service Hours:

  • Weekday guaranteed minimums for custom service: 25 + meals
  • Weekend guaranteed minimums for custom service: 200 + meals
  • Service times may deviate from the below standard hours schedule,
  • contingent on guaranteed minimums and staff availability.

Other Dining Options

Other dining options include Student Union Dining Units and Convenience Store(s), all outside Sandburg Hall. Other UWM food services offer food at prices posted.