Farmer’s Fridge

What is Farmer’s Fridge?

Farmer’s Fridge is an automated smart fridge that delivers wholesome, delicious salads, bowls, snacks, and more! Each jar is packed full of fresh, quality ingredients. Find out more here

Where Can I Find One?

Farmer’s Fridge has 5 convenient locations across campus. Find a Fridge at the Student Union, Cunningham Hall, Northwest Quadrant, Golda Meir Library, or the EMS Building.

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Student Union

Located on the 1st floor in the seating area north of the elevators. 

Mon-Sat: 7:00am to 12am

Sunday: 9am to 12am

Golda Meir Library

Located on the 1st floor next to the information desk.

Mon-Thu: 7:30 to 11pm

Friday: 7:30 to 7pm

Saturday: 12 to 7pm

Sunday: 12 to 11pm

Cunningham Hall

Located in Room 167- The College of Nursing Student Lounge.

Mon-Thur: 6:00am to 11pm

Friday: 6:00am to 8pm

Saturday: 8:00am to 6pm

Sunday: 10 – 11pm

EMS Building

Located on the 1st floor across from the Grind.

Mon-Thu: 07:00 to 10pm

Friday: 07:00 to 8:30pm

Saturday: 09:30 to 4:30pm

Sunday: 12:30 to 4:30pm

Northwest Quadrant

Located on the 1st floor near the entrance to the parking garage.

Mon-Thu: 6:30am to 10pm

Friday: 6:30am to 6:30pm

Saturday: 7 to 7pm