Meal Plans

Besides cash and credit card, you also have two other options for purchasing food from Restaurant Operations. The Resident Meal Plan and a UWM Gold Account.

Updated Procedures

As times have changed in every facet of nearly every business and industry; food service is no exception. With the newly updated regulations issued from the Local, State, Federal, and University levels and the potential for more changes, we have instituted policies & procedures to provide a style of service that makes safety number one while providing freshness and flexibility. This has caused us to eliminate some of the offerings we have had in the past.  However, we wanted to be able to provide some exciting new changes that will add more benefit than ever before.  Take a look at the new updates for Meal Plan holders!



FastThe GET platform will allow easy mobile ordering and notifications of timely and safe pickup at most of our venues
safeWe have implemented modified service styles to allow for best and safest practices at our units
freshAll of our residential food that is ordered through the GET platform is produced onsite and fresh as the order is sent
deliveryWe have implemented a safe food delivery system for only the meal plan holders that would have to be quarantined
locationsNEW for 2020: The Flour Shop, Sandburg Restor, & Cambridge Restor offer limited items at 50% off for Meal Plan account holders


Meal Plans

Every Resident is required to participate in the meal program with the exception of Residents in Purin Hall, Cambridge Commons upgraded suites, and Sandburg’s East Tower.

* The Standard Plan (Level 2) is the default level if a meal plan is not selected or if assigned to a building that requires a meal plan but “No Plan” was selected in the contract process. 

** Residents of Cambridge Commons Upgrade & Sandburg East Tower are required to pay the administrative fee to cover facility use, even if “No Plan” was selected in the contract process. (Permanent residents of Purin Hall may opt out of 100% of the meal plan, as there is no cafeteria provided in that building.)

3 Levels

Level 1
Level 1$3,456.00/year
Level 2
Level 2$4,189.00/Year
Level 3
Level 3$4,922.00/Year
Meal Plans include $1,728.00 Administrative Fees


Any resident not required to participate in a meal plan may still do so. All residents are required to pay the fee to cover basic costs (rent, utilities, staff, etc)

Every dollar above that amount is added to the resident’s Panther Card to be spent at Restaurant Operations units across campus.When eating in Residence Halls Dining Units, Dining Units & Select participating units you are entitled to purchase as much as you wish at a 50% discount* from cash or gold card prices.

Meals are a la carte and you may purchase as much or as little as you wish, paying only for the items you select at each meal. Points on your card may be used at other campus Restaurant Operations locations at regular prices.

No Sales Tax! As a Resident Account card holder, you do not pay sales tax on your purchase. For additional meal plan information check out the Contract Guide Book.

* Due to food cost variability, selected items on the menu may not be priced at the 50% discount.

Gold Account

Purchase food, merchandise, performance tickets, and services at many UWM retailers and storefronts. Your purchases with your Gold Account are tax-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

On our website found here we have a place where our customers can find information regarding allergen, ingredients, caloric/nutritional information, LOCAL products, nutritionally sound meals, and much more.  Net nutrition is a new data base that can help direct our customers in areas they need specific information for. We will also meet w/ all customers on an individual basis for severe/life threatening allergies so that we can clearly communicate so that we are providing the safest food possible. We encourage all of those that have restricted diets and/or special requests to talk to one of our managers. If you have any severe food related allergy, please let us know by filling out our Allergy Request Form 3 weeks prior to the start of service so that we can meet with you.

Yes! NEW for 2020, in addition to Palm Gardens and Cambridge Café, we have added select discount meals at 50% off for the following locations: Restor Cambridge, Restor Sandburg, and the Flour Shop in the Union. Also, for the convenience factor, you may use your meal plan points at any other campus locations and even at participating off-campus locations under the GET Platform. Please keep in mind that you are not maximizing your discounts at these regular prices and the 50% discount does not apply.

New for Fall 2015 UW-Milwaukee has implemented Net Nutrition.

With this program you are able to choose your meal before setting foot in the dining facility. You will be able to utilize this program to find out the caloric value of your meal, plan meals if you have special accommodation and much more!

Our campus also uses dietary symbols to inform customers about food choices. To see detailed descriptions of our symbols, please visit our Dietary Information page.

The GET App is an all-in-one app that allows users to order food, view their funds and transactions, and explore stores & restaurants near their current location.

The GET App is available for residential and non-residential students at UW-Milwaukee. Guests can order through this link. Students can order through the GET app by clicking “Start an Order” and choosing where they would like to order from. Once ordered they will receive a notification that their order is ready.

Our Restaurant Operations team does a full market analysis of similar local products to determine affordable and reasonable pricing. We strive to use fresh, local, and quality ingredients for every food and drink we make.

Our primary vendor for the University comes from Performance Food Group. We also have a variety of specialty vendors that deliver our more select foods:

  • Alpha Baking – Fresh daily baked breads
  • Baked MKE – Fresh daily doughnuts
  • SAS – Primary packaged retail distributor
  • Pepsi – Primary pour rights
  • Lipari – All natural / organic provider
  • Rooftop & On-Campus Gardens – Grown & harvested fruits, vegetables, and herbs
  • Assorted Beverage Companies – General Beverage, Tropicana, Coca-Cola, American Bottling, Badger, Red Bull
  • LOCAL Companies – Milwaukee Pretzel, RISHI, Cedar Crest, Colectivo Coffee, Man & Moon Food, Nutrativa, Simple Soyman, Bakemark, Bunzels, Dr. Noodles, Elegant Foods, Mei Hua Market, V. Marchese

Our team of chefs, bakery staff and student staff follow tested recipes. We prepare nearly all of our food and ‘Grab and Go’ onsite. With our new online platform, GET, as orders are placed we begin building your desired meal fresh for you for convenient style pick-up style service in most of our locations.  To see our menus, please visit our location page to choose and view your desired location.

It starts with our New Employee training program which includes Serving it Safe, Sanitation and Hygiene, and Customer Service Policies. We do a scheduled walk through by our managerial staff to ensure we are adhering to our strict safety policies. All operations are regularly visited by the Health Department. Recently, with the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have also updated and implemented units to meet and in many areas exceed the Local, State and University regulations.

We wash all of our fresh fruits and vegetables with natural ozone-infused water which kills harmful bacteria as an extra safety measure. In addition, our primary food delivery group called Performance Food Group maintains safety levels per local, state, and federal regulations.

We have an onsite Serv-safe Certified Proctor that certifies our Full-time management staff and the majority of our student supervisors across campus.

The best place to find a variety of information and current events is on our website!

Each unit is listed on our Locations and Hours page. Here you can find our menus, hours and our Facebook pages.

Each unit has digital signage players that display our menus and any upcoming events. We also have Net Nutrition, a mobile and online platforms for the customers to access our nutritional page.

Money can be added to meal plans at any time. Additional deposits are dollar-for-dollar, the administration fee is charged only once per semester. Meal plan additions can be done at: or at the Cash Value Center located near Sandburg C134

You can also add to your Gold Account at any time in person at the Panther Card Office in Union W143, at the UWM Bookstore, or at Sandburg Hall Main Desk.

Meal Plan Refunds: If a positive balance remains on a student’s meal plan at the end of the academic year, it will be refunded as a credit to their PAWS account less a $10 administrative fee.

We have a variety of practices including:

  • Rooftop Gardens
  • Raised Bed Gardens
  • L.O.C.A.L. Living Operating Consuming Acquiring Locally
  • Composting with Sanimax
  • Composting with Compost Crusaders
  • Fryer Oil/Plastic/Cardboard/Aluminum Recycling
  • Made to Order meals and batch cooking concepts
  • Currently tray-less
  • Food Recovery Network

Please visit our Sustainability page for more information on all our practices.

Money can be added to meal plans at any time. Additional deposits are dollar-for-dollar, the administration feed is charged only once per a semester. Meal plan additions can be done here: or at the Cash Value Center located near Sandburg C134.

You can also add to your Gold Account at any time in person at the Panther Card Office in Union W143, at the UWM Bookstore, or at the Sandburg Hall Main Desk.

Meal Plan Refunds: If a positive balance remains on a student’s meal plan at the end of the academic year, it will be refunded as a credit to their PAWS accounts, less a $10 administrative fee.

If you added money to your meal plan or Gold account through the Cash Value Center (CVC) you should contact the Service Desk of the building you added funds in.
The Service Desk Staff will work with University Housing to process your refund request.

Please provide the Service Desk with your full name, ID number, location of deposit, time of deposit and amount deposited. Refunds are not automatic as University Housing needs to verify your request against the CVC transaction report and the cash deposit receipt.

Once a refund is approved University Housing will contact you via your UWM e-mail address to inform you that the amount was credited back to your meal plan or Gold account.

All University Housing contract holders are required to carry a meal plan with the exception of those who live in Cambridge Commons Double Upgrades, Purin Hall, East Tower and Kenilworth Square Apartments. If you are a resident of Cambridge Commons Double Upgrades, Purin Hall and East Tower you can elect to have No Meal Plan but are still responsible for the administrative fee. To opt out of the meal plan you can visit University Housing in Sandburg C100 to submit the paperwork for your request.

Any unused meal plan points remaining from fall semester will roll over for spring semester. Your spring semester meal plan points will also be added on top of any remaining balance.

University Housing process meal plan refunds the first week of June for any remaining meal plan points, less the $10 administrative processing fee.

If you have an outstanding balance with UWM or University Housing your refund amount would be first applied to cover those charges and then any remaining balance would be refunded. Refunds are processed in the same way payments were made (i.e. if you paid by credit card, the refund would go back to the credit card). Please note check refunds do take a little longer to process.

If the meal plan was paid by Financial Aid a check will be made out to the student. If the meal plan was paid by a Parent Plus Loan a check will be made out to the individual who took out the Parent Plus Loan.

The meal plan is for University Housing Contract holders or Meal Plan Only Contract holders who pay for meal plan points and a set administrative fee per semester. Residents and Meal Plan Only Contract holders are provided a 50% discount on their meal cost when they eat in one of the residential dining facilities located in Cambridge, Riverview or Sandburg. Meal plans can also be used at the Grind, Emporium and other dining locations across campus for a dollar for dollar value.

Gold Accounts are used to pay for laundry and vending most often. Off Campus and commuter students have the option to add money to their Gold account as it is a convenient way to not have to carry cash while they are on campus. Gold account money is also a dollar for dollar value.

UWM makes every effort to identify ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction to those with food allergies. There is always a risk of contamination from customer interaction and production environment. There is also a possibility that the manufactures of the commercial food we use could change the formula or substitute a product at any time.

Plan Ahead: If you will be living in a Residence Hall please fill out our Allergy Request Form. Our Assistant Director, Brian Vetter, reviews each of these requests and works with everyone to enable them to make informed dining choices. Introduce yourself to the managerial and student staff so they can also facilitate your dining choices.

New for 2020, all Faculty, Student, and Staff can utilize your smartphone by downloading your GET mobile app ordering platform. GET allows you to use your phone for purchases at a variety of units and your card will not be needed. For your security we will not manually type in your ID number without your ID present. If you have your PantherCard and it is not readable, we will manually type in your student ID number for one meal. You will need to go to Panther Card Services located in the Student Union room 143 to purchase a new PantherCard. They are located just down the south corridor from the Union Grind.