Spring Meal Plan & Anytime Dining Fall 2022

Check out the NEW Anytime Dining Plan for Fall 2022

Spring 2022 Residential Meal Plan.

This page discusses the existing Spring 2022 Residential Meal Plan. For Fall 2022, check out the NEW Anytime Dining Plan.

Here, in the UWM Residential Dining Team, we strive to use fresh, local, and quality ingredients to provide new and different options every day for all dietary needs and preferences, in every food and drink we make. We are here to serve you!

How to Use Your Meal Plan

You have four ways to use your meal plan.

  • Prepared meals in the Campus Cafeterias
    • Sandburg Cafe
    • Cambridge Cafe
  • On-Campus a la carte dining 
    • Palm Gardens (Sandburg)
    • Flour Shop (Union)
    • Pacific Wraps (Union)
    • Stir Fry (Union)
    • Pizza Presto (Union)
    • Burger King (Union)
    • Enderis-Denemark (Enderis)
    • GRIND Locations (Union, Library, Sandburg, EMS)
  • Convenience (stores)
    • RESTOR
    • Union Station
  • Off-campus restaurants
    • UGRYD is the name of the service that allows you to use your Meal Plan or Gold Account funds to purchase food. You will need your PantherCard.
    • How To:

      Vendors registered with UGRYD: CVS, Pita Pit, Jets Pizza, FreshFin Poké, Insomnia Cookies, Mad Chicken, Sals Pizza East Side, Chubby’s Cheesesteaks, Good Land Wing Co., D.P. Dough, Pizza Shuttle, Fusion Poke, Ians Pizza, Beans & Barley, Noodles and Company, Farmers Fridge

      1. If placing a delivery or pick-up order at a vendor that accepts PantherCard as payment, call ahead of time and let them know that you plan to pay with your PantherCard
      1. Place your order
      2. Arrange for appropriate pick-up or delivery of your food
      3. Provide your PantherCard information to the vendor
      4. Retrieve your food consistent with prearranged details
      5. Eat, rest, eat some more… you deserve it!

Using your meal plan in the residence halls and on-campus locations is the BEST value.

    • In the Campus Cafeterias (Cambridge Commons and Sandburg), your Meal Plan price is discounted 50% from the cash price of the food items.
    • At select on-campus dining locations you will find menu items at a 50% discount from the listed cash price.

Also, with food made on campus, you can track the nutrition value and make informed choices about how you fuel your body.

Do you have special dietary needs? Let us know!

Budgeting Your Meal Plan Dollars

We estimate the average student will eat three meals a day for 228 dining days in the school year, which equates to 684 meals per year. If you consume all your meals on campus, here is approximately how much you can spend per day:

  • Value Plan: $7.58/day
  • Standard Plan: $10.80/day
  • Premium Plan: $14.00/day

Your eating habits will probably not line up perfectly with this basic budget. Maybe you skip breakfasts, or just hit the GRIND for a coffee.  You might not be hungry at 6 or 7 pm, but really need something at 9 or 10 pm, when the Palm Gardens is the last hot food service on campus.  You might be at your parent’s house on the weekends or sleeping in past breakfast and lunch when you are at UWM.  All of these choices, and more, will impact your Meal Plan budget.  Make sure to keep track and use your GET app to check your spending and balance.

Using Your PantherCard

Meal plans on your PantherCard work like a food debit card. Money can be added to meal plans at any time, then you can spend it throughout the school year. Additional deposits are dollar-for-dollar. (Your meal plan fees have already been covered for the year.)

Meal plan additions can be done at:


GET is a mobile app that allows you to pre-order meals on campus for quick pickup and manage your funds. To get started, download the apple or Google Play app, choose UWM and create your account.


Calendars & Hours of Service

Sometimes, food service units close on holidays and weekends. Check these calendars to see what is open and when.

Residential Dining Calendar includes Sandburg Café, Cambridge Café, RESTORs, and Palm Gardens.

Retail Dining Calendar includes Burger King, Flour Shop, Pacific Wraps, Stir Fry, Pizza Presto, Union Station, Enderis, and GRIND Locations.

For questions or more information, visit UWM Restaurant Operations.