Dining Dollar Discount Program

Dining Dollar Discount Program (D3P) at UWM

Spend less when you grab a bite at your favorite spots across campus: Save up to 10% + Spend Tax-free!

What is D3P?

  • Allows all students to purchase food and non-alcoholic beverages from on-campus food outlets with significant savings versus standard charges.

  • All Anytime Dining contract holders are already enrolled in D3P with no further action needed!
  • Whether you have a Silver, Gold, or Platinum Anytime Dining plan, you can enjoy D3P benefits.
    • When you dine on campus outside of the residence halls, any Dining Dollars spent on eligible items will receive reductions and earn loyalty rewards. See Questions 1 and 2 of the FAQ for eligibility details.
  • Every single Dining Dollar you buy equals $1 you can spend on food—no administrative fees, hidden costs, or additional taxes!
  • Buy what you need for your appetite—you can purchase more Dining Dollars any time!

With D3P, you save just for enrolling. Earn loyalty rewards, and you could be saving even more!

Important Contract Details

D3P (Dining Dollar Discount Program) is a voluntary, academic year, declining balance dining program available to all students at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee (UWM).

  • D3P becomes active on the first day of classes each regular Fall Semester and ends at midnight on the last regularly scheduled day of Spring semester exams in that same academic year.
  • Upon acceptance of the application for Tiers II or III of D3P by UWM, the initial deposit will be charged to the participant’s PAWS account and the full value of the deposit will be credited as spendable Dining Dollars into the participant’s account. Dining Dollars are spent through the UWM Panther ID, or through the UWM GET App Mobile ID.
  • Tier II and III participants agree to fulfill their annual plan by purchasing the remaining Dining Dollars prior to the end of the contract year. It is advised that participants purchase their remaining contractual Dining Dollars prior to the end of December to ensure the charge appears in participant’s PAWS account prior to Financial Aid spring distribution in early January. This will also provide participants with the greatest opportunity to spend their Dining Dollars before they expire at the end of spring academic semester.
  • Tier II and Tier III D3P plans can be cancelled by a participant at any time by contacting the PantherCard Office and requesting a plan cancellation. Unless the participant ends their relationship with UWM as a student, the following actions will take place:
  • The plan will no longer be considered active.
  • Funds cannot be added to the participant’s Dining Dollar account through a billable method, but will need to be added by direct credit card payment through the GET Mobile App.
  • Any remaining, or added, Dining Dollars on the account will remain active and eligible for use.
  • Dining Dollar discounts will remain in place.
  • Account holders will continue to accumulate loyalty rewards for on-campus purchases of eligible items.
  • Dining Dollars will expire at the end of the contract cycle (academic semester end).
  • The D3P is a Title IV Financial Aid eligible expense.
  • If a student has already accepted a financial aid award, D3P can be paid from financial aid funds disbursed by UWM 10 days prior to the first day of classes in the fall and spring regular academic terms.
  • Applicable fees, including dining/meal plans, must be listed on the student’s PAWS account for billing to have eligible financial aid funds applied.
  • D3P is voluntary and will not impact the amount of aid a student is awarded, but if added to the student’s PAWS account more than 10 calendar days prior to the beginning of the fall and spring academic terms is eligible for financial aid disbursement from the aid a student has already been awarded.

For assistance with sign-up, please visit the PantherCard office in Union E151 or contact the PantherCard office at campusid@uwm.edu.

For general questions about D3P, contact UWM Dining and Food Service at uwm.edu/dining/connect-with-us.

How do I earn additional savings?

For every 700 Dining Dollars you spend at on-campus food outlets outside the residence halls, you will receive an additional 1% reward, up to 5%. See below for a breakdown of your potential total savings through D3P:

Your loyalty rewards will be totaled and tracked across each semester for as long as you remain continually enrolled at UWM, allowing you to keep building toward larger savings, but remember: Dining Dollars expire at the end of each academic year without refunds or rollovers.

*See Questions 1 and 2 of the FAQ for eligibility details.

I’m ready to start saving—what are my next steps?

You can apply for D3P beginning August 1st, 2023 through the link below. After that date, please follow these steps:

  1. Click here. This will take you to the D3P application.
  2. Complete and submit the application. Here, you will also be asked about your preferred plan:
  • Tier 1 – Anytime Dining – If you are participating in the Anytime Dining Plan, you are already enrolled and do not need to submit an application! Whether you have Silver, Gold, or Platinum, the D3P benefits are yours beginning the first day of the Fall Semester.
  • Tier II – $1000 per year
    • Represents about three $10 on-campus meals per week plus $100 in additional spending
    • $500 minimum initial commitment with an agreement to add another $500 before contract termination
    • All Dining Dollars purchased are spendable
  • Tier III – $1500 per year
    • Represents about five $10 on-campus meals per week
    • $750 minimum initial commitment with an agreement to add another $750 before contract termination
    • All Dining Dollars purchased are spendable
  1. Your completed application will be processed by the PantherCard office. This may take a few days.
  2. D3P fees are automatically billed to PAWS accounts, so you must be an enrolled student to apply. Additionally, you cannot have more than $2,500 in outstanding debt in your PAWS account.
  3. To pay for your D3P via financial aid disbursement, the fees must be present in your PAWS account more than 10 days prior to the first day of fall classes.
  4. Once your application is processed and payment arrangements are in place, your D3P plan will be ready to use via your PantherCard on the first day of fall classes. You can monitor your Dining Dollars through the UWM GET App.
  5. UWM Retail Services will track your use of Dining Dollars and apply your new loyalty rewards levels as appropriate—automatically!

Apply beginning August 1st and make the most of your Dining Dollars this fall. Click here to fill out your D3P application.


  1. Where can I spend my Dining Dollars to use my savings and earn loyalty rewards?

Union Restaurants

  • Burger King
  • Taco Bell
  • Flour Shop
  • Pacific Wraps
  • Stir Fry
  • Pizza Presto
  • City Subs
  • The newly reopened Gasthaus (excluding alcoholic beverages)

Campus Convenience Stores

  • RESTOR – Sandburg
  • RESTOR – Cambridge
  • Union Station
  • Enderis/Denemark Lounge
  • The new Panther Stop at Riverview

Campus Grind locations

  • Union
  • Library
  • EMS
  • LEC
  1. Do all of my purchases receive reductions and count toward loyalty rewards?

Dining Dollars used off-campus, on vending, and at athletics concessions are not discounted and do not earn loyalty rewards.

  1. How long do my Dining Dollars last?

Dining Dollars carry over from fall to spring semesters, but they expire at the end of the academic year without refund or rollover.

  1. How long do my D3P loyalty rewards last?

For as long as you remain continually enrolled, loyalty rewards will be totaled and tracked across each semester, allowing you to keep building toward larger savings.

  1. Can I buy UWM apparel with Dining Dollars?

No, Dining Dollars are designated specifically for Dining purchases. Rather, PantherCa$h can be used for merchandise and other student services beyond Dining.

  1. Can I exchange my Dining Dollars for PantherCa$h or a gift card?

No, Dining dollars are not transferable.