20|20 Catering

Due to demand, 20|20 catering might have limited availability throughout the year. If unavailable, our team can help you find alternatives for your event.

Attention: Due to the Student Union Renovation Project, the 20|20 Catering office is temporarily relocating. Due to this shift away from our base of operations and equipment storage, we are focused on providing primary service to our customer base who regularly have events scheduled in the Student Union and in the UWM Residence Halls.

While we will be flexible and support other locations on campus, it may be necessary to limit the number of events that we can service. Requests for service may be denied based on location, and we will limit options to menu items only. We cannot accept custom menus at this time.

View our 20|20 Catering Menu.

Catering requests will be individually reviewed to determine if we are able to accommodate the order with our available staffing and accessible equipment. If your event requires bar services, we require a minimum of 4-weeks’ notice to ensure staff availability.

In the event that 20|20 Catering is unable to provide the requested services, UWM Purchasing office provides a list of approved caterers that can be found here, Off-Campus Caterers. For additional information, please visit the Purchasing and Payables website here. Campus departments may contact them directly and arrange for food service. Bar services on-campus must be contracted through the 20|20 Catering office.

We appreciate your consideration and support.

If you have a date that you know catering services are needed, please contact our office via 2020-catering@uwm.edu to submit a request for services for review.

20|20 Catering

20|20 Catering will help you plan a fantastic event! Whether hosting a meeting, conference, or celebratory reception, our coordinators will guide you through creating a menu and planning a successful event. For small events and cost saving benefits, we now offer a pick-up service and drop-off services. We can help assist you in determining the appropriate service suited for the event and budget. We look forward to working with you.