Class Updates

The following courses in the Digital Arts and Culture Program are being offered during the Fall 2020 semester in an in-person or hybrid format. (Hybrid means that the class has both an online portion and an in-person portion.) If a course does not appear on this list, it is entirely online. Online courses may be either synchronous (meets at a specific day/time) or asynchronous (you can log in to complete the work at a time of your choosing). Look in the schedule of courses or look at your own schedule in PAWS to determine if your online class is synchronous or asynchronous.

For the in-person and hybrid classes listed below, you can click on the course number to view more details about the meeting days, times, and place. For courses with multiple sections, continue to drill down to the section you are interested in. For any in-person component, the location will be indicated if it is known at this time; locations will continue to be added throughout August 2020. Much of this same information can also be accessed by looking at your schedule in PAWS.

The information provided here is current but is subject to change up to the start of the fall semester. Students are encouraged to check back before classes start to make sure the format of your class hasn’t changed or to explore new options that might become available.

Questions about the class format for any class in the Digital Arts and Culture Program can be directed to Marc Tasman (