Yer Lee


Yer Lee


Growing up, Yer was always exposed to creativity in her family; her brothers enjoyed drawing, photography, Japanese comic books, exotic and beautiful posters, and video games. She never understood why her brothers liked to draw so much, but she was always fascinated by their work. Yer decided to take her brothers’ skills as inspiration and started drawing. Throughout middle and high school, she was more interested in learning how to create than learning math formulas. She struggled to succeed in her non-art classes because she hated numbers and memorizing vocabulary. Yer had an obsession for creating things digitally on her free time, when she was introduced to Adobe Photoshop in 2007 by her siblings. She discovered her love for art and design when she was able add color, shapes, patterns, filters, and effects to her work. Yer’s ambition for challenge, leadership, teaching, and learning led her to where she is today.

Yer is pursuing a BFA in Design and Visual Communication at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Yer never thought she would find a strong passion in the art and design world. She loves to collect prints, paintings, paper, and anything she believes would aspire her future projects. She educates herself mentally and physically outside of the design industry to always stay inspired. She believes a good designer is creative, attentive to detail, a good communicator, and is always eager to learn. Yer can direct, coach, and collaborate to elevate herself in the hierarchy of teams and organizations, and to become a valued strategic partner.

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