Lauren Robertson


Lauren Robertson


Lauren Robertson currently is a student at UW-Milwaukee who studies Design and Visual Communication. Lauren finds design to be fascinating. She believes that design can change the world if it is applied well. Design has led Lauren into great opportunities such as being the marketing intern at ETC, a theatre lighting company, and a job as the student designer for her student union’s art gallery. Lauren has designed for are the Davidsons of Harley Davidson, Reginald Baylor, and for a theatre lighting conference, CUE. Lauren has also used her design skills to help better her community. Lauren has engaged with multiple art builds hosted by the ACLU and Voces de la Frontera in order to provide beautiful works of art for protesters to communicate their needs as well as bring attention to the public about what is happening in the world. Lauren hopes that when she graduates from the Design and Visual Communication program in the Fall of 2021 that she will be able to help design a more equitable world for everyone.

Design Team

Team Person 1:
Mentor: Zachary Lifton

Team Person 2:
Design Student: Mia Dreher

Team Person 3:
User Testing: Matilda Sabal

High School & Notable Teachers

Middleton High School
Peter Ludt



Zililoquy encourages community connections and shared empathy using zines. Zines are radical self-published small batch art-based books that share ideas and emotions. Zilioquy offers a subscription zine package that features artists from your region, school programming ideas, and a platform for sharing personal zines to elevate the voices of zinesters all over the world.

Zines have a rich history that can be traced back to the 1930s. Zines have such a diverse following because of how accessible they are. The materials needed to make a zine can range random pieces of paper to very expensive crafting paper. UW-Milwaukee has a zine collection in special collections and used to be the original host of Milwaukee Zinefest. We have the resources and the history, it’s just a matter of making people aware that this is something they can be a part of. Zilioquy wants to highlight the unique stories and diversity of the zine community, creating a safe space for sharing.


We want to create a more connected world starting with just a piece of paper.


We want to see a world where people are strongly connected to one another and promote a greater sense of empathy.